How to Use Image Personalization to Drive Action

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Engaged customers are loyal customers. They tend to buy more often and make larger purchases. 

All that sounds pretty good, right?

There’s only one small problem, turning a regular customer into one that’s super-engaged is hard. It’s understandable why. With few exceptions, customers have their choice of brands and products, so having a bad experience with one means moving on to the next.

You’ve got to do something that will help you both stand out from the competition and drive your customers to take action. 

Image personalization can help. Here’s how.

Have the right technology

Zembula’s editor focuses on two types of image personalization: Smart Blocks and Smart Banners. All you have to do to use them is paste a snippet of HTML in your email templates.

From there, we do all the work for you, ensuring your customers see content personalized to them through dynamic emails. 

The simplicity of the platform comes from machine learning. Our AI allows you to optimize your personalized images. So rather than tinker with A/B testing and tons of back-end code, you can focus on engaging your customers instead. 

As a result, your customers get personalized images and notifications that tie in with their behavior, driving more action. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Always keep your customers up to date with Smart Banners

Smart Banners are image blocks that sit at the top of your emails. Using these for notifications, news updates, and personalized information means you can turn every email you send into something that’s customer-specific. 

There are tons of ways to use Smart Banners to drive action and engagement. 

Here are a few examples:

Use a banner to make sure your customer sees critical information about them and their accounts. It’s easy to miss a security alert email, but a bold, bright banner across the top of every email is hard to miss.

Abandoned cart campaigns are key for every retailer and eCommerce shop. But, what if you could turn all of your emails into reminders, making completing a purchase as easy as one click away?

Personalize Smart Banners to notify or invite customers to events. Have them make reservations for a VIP dinner, pop into the bar for the game, or check out a one-day-only flash sale.

With Smart Banners, there are a ton of possibilities. It makes it so easy to stay in touch.

Image personalization makes for dynamic email

Now that you see what you can do with Smart Banners look at another way to personalize emails with images, Smart Blocks. These are content blocks that you can easily drag and drop in your email templates. 

What’s incredible about Smart Blocks is anything goes. Combine them with Smart Banners or use multiple content blocks to make your emails truly dynamic. 

Here are a few ways Smart Blocks can help you drive engagement.

Use image personalization to level up your loyalty campaigns. Add in a bit of animation and gifs, and you can let your loyalty members know how many points they have, when they’ll hit their next tier, or when they’ve earned special bonuses or rewards.

Few things will grab attention more than your name in bold flashing letters. But, with personalized animated images, you can transform a conventional flash sale announcement into something that stands out. Plus, with personalized product recommendation content blocks, you’ll also help drive more clicks showing items that tie into your customer’s interests.

Customers want to know where their packages are and when they’re expected to arrive. If they don’t have that information, your customer service team could be inundated with where is my order calls (WISMO). Personalized package tracking can improve customer experience and help you build critical trust with your customers.

Are you full of ideas yet?

With personalized content, you’ve got so much potential to make your emails stand out. It’s time to really embrace what you can do to connect with your customers and drive more action. 

If you want to learn more, get in touch. We’re happy to chat about how Zembula can help with your needs.

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