Holiday Personalization Tips We Love

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There’s no better time to implement a personalized email and SMS outreach strategy than before the holidays.

We, of course, know that the holidays drive transactions.

But some retailers don’t realize that today’s consumers expect and even demand personalized service. The good news is that if you can provide that personalized touch, you can really stand out. Combine the holidays with personalization, and you have the opportunity to smash revenue records at your company.

Here are some of our favorite holiday personalization tips. And while these are especially great at holiday time, the truth is that you should be implementing these tips all year long.

Bring Your Emails to Life With Animated Personalization

Zembula is the first platform that lets you animate your data. Combining this tool with your creativity leads to endless possibilities, especially around the holidays.

Instead of sending boring messages that look the same as everyone else’s, you can bring your emails or texts to life with 1:1 animation. Use your data to create sophisticated, highly engaging, personalized animations. Remember, if emails or texts don’t move, they’re dead.

Zembula’s content builder lets you drag and drop your way to personalized animations. Connect any data source and easily drop your content into your email or SMS template. Then control that content from the platform. Zembula serves as the bridge between your data and your creative marketing.

The animations are lightweight gifs that load easily and work with almost all email and SMS platforms. And if you run into a system that will not support an animated gif, you can display a conventional live image in its place.

Show Your Holiday Shoppers Their Loyalty Points Balance

The holidays are a great time to remind shoppers of their loyalty status with your brand. After all, they are in a shopping mood. And if you show them that they may be able to get a deal with your company, they are more likely to do business with you than with a competitor.

Don’t assume your customer knows their loyalty status with your company. You’ve got to remind them. Unless you remind them of their status, they are unlikely to try to do more to earn points, and they are not likely to do anything to spend their points.

Include the customer’s individual points status on every email or text that you send them. Address them by name. Show them their personal points status.

That’s personal attention. That shows the customer that you know their specific individual situation and that you are invested in helping them get the most out of their holiday shopping experience.

Flash Sales

Are you planning to run any specials or discounts this holiday season? Why not kick it up a notch and personalize your approach?


With every email or text you send, include some sort of promotion that your customer can access immediately. Providing both incentive and convenience shows customers that you appreciate their past business and that you want to acknowledge them.

You can even include a custom, up-to-the-second countdown timer to provide a sense of urgency.

But don’t send the same thing to every customer. That’s not personalization. Instead, harness the data you’re collecting to identify what each individual customer wants to see.

Add all of this together, and you’ve created an email or text that’s engaging, urgent, and easy to use.

To Get Started, All You Need Is Your Data

These tips and many others are easily implemented through Zembula’s proprietary solutions. All you need is your data.

Think of data you’re already collecting. Things like location, purchase history, browsing history, email address, abandoned cart information, loyalty rewards points, and more.

Zembula lets you combine those critical pieces of information to create an outreach strategy that’s specific to each individual customer. You can send a customer an email, addressing them by name, showing them an exclusive discount on a product that you know they’ve been considering, and with a note thanking them for their business to date and reminding them of their rewards points balance.

You don’t think that’s going to drive results? Think again!

Getting started is so much easier than you may realize. Connect with a Zembula expert to learn more.

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