3 Key Ways to Approach Personalizing Your Marketing

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Every marketer knows by now just how important personalization is to the customer. Consumers increasingly ignore any content that isn’t individualized to them. So there’s an urgency to create better messaging and content that speaks to customers on a 1:1 basis. 

If you’re just getting started with putting more of a focus on personalization, it isn’t too late. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to really dig into providing more personalized information through custom images and messaging

Here are a few ways to start upping your personalization game in three critical areas.

Promotional Emails

The promotional email is a tried and true tool that sits in every marketer’s toolbox. There’s no doubt you probably send dozes of these to your email list over the course of a year. While promotional emails are great because they generate lots of clicks and revenue, there are ways you can make them even better. 

That’s where personalization comes in. Traditionally, promotional emails aren’t very personalized. These are often blast emails that go out to an entire list. So part of the success with these emails is the volume of recipients. 

promotional email

However, you can raise your click-through and conversion rates by adding personalization into the mix. So start including more personalized content into these emails by bringing in customer data. For example, feature recommended products, remind users of their loyalty points or tell them about a price drop on a product they’ve been eying. 

Triggered emails

Think about the emails your customers open up most often. Typically, these are your welcome series and your transactional emails, including order confirmations and shipping updates. It should be pretty obvious that there are many opportunities to level up your personalization in these emails. So don’t forget about them!


Here’s where you can start adding some more personalized content to these emails. For example, begin your welcome series by gathering more data from your readers, using dynamic email content such as live polling. It’s a great way to get off on the right foot by encouraging engagement while also learning more about their interests. Then, use that information to add more personalization to the next set of emails you send.

So take the opportunity here to flip the script and learn more about your potential customers. Yes, introducing your brand is important but remember it’s a two-way street. Today, the more data you can gather on your customer to give them more personalized content — and an improved overall experience — the better.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a great tool that compliments email really well. And, it provides a fantastic opportunity for more personalization, including animations. That can help boost your engagement and drive customers to take more action.

As with adding personalization to email marketing campaigns, there are a few key places it makes sense to start with text messaging too. These include abandoned cart notifications, promotional messages, and order and shipping confirmations and updates. For this type of marketing, immediacy is an advantage. One of the benefits of SMS marketing is the vast majority of customers will read their text within five minutes of receiving it. 

Here, something else to consider is where you can add the most value to the customer experience. Personalized animation can help highlight these key messages in an interesting and unique way. Most consumers aren’t getting personalized animated SMS messaging right now that leads to dedicated landing pages, so it’s just another way for you to stand out.

Boost your ROI with personalization

As you can see with just a handful of these examples, there is a world of possibility when it comes to adding more personalization to your marketing strategy. It’s an exciting time to delve into these new opportunities and make the most out of them.

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