Personalization Is the Key to a Successful Holiday Email Campaign

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Remember something: For consumers, the noise is loudest during the holidays.

That’s when every single retailer and marketer is competing for their attention.

So while the holidays always deliver an overall boon in sales, not every retailer gets to share in that increased revenue.

And in today’s competitive retail space, it’s the companies that have figured out how to reach their customers on a personal level that are enjoying success.

During the holidays, personalized email becomes more important than ever. There are so many voices trying to get into your customers’ heads. You have to be able to connect with them on a deeply personal level that makes them feel valued as an individual. Personalization is the key to a successful holiday email campaign.

All You Need Is Your Data

Think of how much customer data you’ve likely collected but that you’re not properly harnessing.

You’ve got location, purchase history, email address, abandoned cart information, loyalty rewards points, browser history…

This is the lifeblood of your successful holiday email campaign.

Think about this scenario.

Your customer gets an email addressing her by name. She opens it and finds an exclusive discount on a product that she’s been considering buying. There’s even a note thanking her for her business to date and reminding her of her rewards points balance.

And you were able to send that kind of deeply personalized email all because of the data you already have.

Zembula personalized email

Here’s how Zembula helps make it simple to utilize that data. Once you’re in the Zembula platform, you connect your key data sources, pick your favorite template and add a snippet of code to your email.

Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine handles the rest. It reviews the data parameters you set and chooses the best personalized banner to display at the top of your email.


Use Animation To Bring Your Personalized Holiday Emails to Life

Animation, that far-under-utilized tool that can add actual life to an email, is a lot easier to implement than you likely realize.

When you add animation and personalization together, it’s almost like cheating. We’re talking about taking actual movement and making it relevant to a specific individual. And while it sounds difficult to pull off, you might be surprised to learn how easy it actually is.

Instead of sending boring messages that look the same as everyone else’s, you can bring your emails to life with 1:1 animation. Use your data to create sophisticated, highly engaging, personalized animations, and start adding them to all your emails, especially at holiday time.

Zembula’s content builder lets you drag and drop your way to personalized animations. Connect any data source and easily drop your content into your email template, then control that content from the platform.

Be Relevant This Holiday Season

To crush it this holiday season, you’ve got to embrace personalized content. It truly is the key to your successful holiday email campaign.

The best part about personalization is that it works. And the better part is, the more it works, the more data you collect. The more data you collect, the better you can personalize. And on and on it goes until you have an actual solid, two-way loyalty between you and your customer.

With that kind of connection, that individual is likely to come back to you holiday after holiday.

Zembula can help you get there. Speak with an expert to learn more.

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