Email Marketing Stats to Pay Attention to in 2019

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If 2019 is going to be anything, it might just be the year that makes email marketing hot again.

While email marketing has always been an incredibly valuable channel for brands for years, it sometimes takes a back seat to new and shiny ideas. But, the tide seems to be coming back to celebrating the reliability and potential of good email marketing.

So let’s hit that point home, shall we?

Do you want to know just how valuable email can be to your company? Look no further. We’re sharing things you should know about email marketing in 2019.

Email marketing has a killer return on investment

Just look at this stat (source):

B2B brands see huge benefits from email marketing

In the B2B (business to business) world, email brings in revenue. Email marketing is cited by 59% of marketers as their most effective channel. (source)

And studies have shown that when compared to B2C (business to consumer) brands B2B emails see a 47% click through rate and a 23% higher click to open ratio. (source)

A full 83% of B2B brands use email newsletters as part of their content marketing plan. (source)

What are you doing to get more signups for your newsletter?

Email is great for B2C companies too

About a third of people who have subscribed to a newsletter end up purchasing from the brand they have subscribed to. (source)

That leaves a lot of potential revenue on the table in converting more subscribers. But here are some numbers to focus on that can give you ideas to boost those open rates.

72% of consumers will open an email that has a discount being offered and, 62% will open an email with a personalized subject line. (source)

But, regardless if you’re a B2B or B2C brand, if you are making mistakes with your email marketing, you’re going to lose out on customers.

Just look at this image (source):

Getting targeted with emails

When it comes to really nailing your email marketing, it pays to think beyond newsletters. You want to use advanced tactics to segment your emails and grab onto potential opportunities to generate more clicks and sales.

Segmented emails get opened at a 14% higher rate than those emails that aren’t segmented. (source)

Welcome emails are another place where there are lots of opportunities. These emails see 320% more revenue per email than other types of emails. (source)

The same goes for personalized emails too, yet only 39% of retailers send emails with personalized product recommendations. (source)

Creativity goes a long way

Another thing that matters today is thinking outside the box. There are tons of cool things you can do to make your emails really stand out from creating interactive content to adding video and images.

As the numbers show, these additions can translate into big results.

65% of marketers have said that using dynamic content in their emails was very effective as a strategy. (source)

Images with graphics have both higher open and click-through rates than those that don’t. (source)

And emails with video clips have been shown to skyrocket click rates by as much as 300%. (source)

Don’t forget about mobile

Mobile continues to be a big player when it comes to considering email marketing strategies and approaches. Just about half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. (source)

By now, you should know that you need to send out emails that are mobile friendly, right?

Here’s why:

50% of people would delete an email that didn’t display correctly on their mobile device. (source)

Not only that, but emails opened on mobile see more clicks than those opened on both desktop and web-based email clients. (source)

Unfortunately, over half of B2C brands don’t have both mobile-friendly websites and emails. (source)

Don’t let this be you!

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you already know the importance of email marketing for your brand. But, it never hurts to have a little reminder every now and then.

These stats show you not only the true potential of email marketing but it should also help you see the areas where you can make improvements.

If you’re willing to do the small things like personalize, segment, and improve the interactivity of your emails, you can end up seeing some big gains over the long run.