How to Get More Signups for Your Newsletter

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If you’ve spent more than five minutes in marketing there’s no doubt you’ve heard this phrase:

“The money is in the list.”

Of course, it refers to your email list. For all the advancements in martech, sales funnels, social media, Facebook pixels, and the like, your email list is still likely your most reliable source for customers.

Pound for pound your email newsletter is going to give you a great return on investment.

However, when it comes to email, there’s one big problem a lot of brands are facing. Potential customers aren’t as willing to hand over their email as they have been in years past.

To overcome that and get engaged visitors on your site you have to stand out from the crowd, offer something different, and embrace creativity.

Here are a few tips on how to get more signups for your newsletter:

Rethink your placement

Take a hard look at your site.

Does your newsletter opt-in stand out or is it tucked away collecting dust? Are you offering it in more than one spot?

One big reason why your sign up rates are low could be because no one is noticing that you even offer a newsletter in the first place. You don’t have to go overboard, but try upping your game where you place your opt-ins.

Two popular placements that are seeing traction are Hello bars (at the very top of a website) and opt-in offers at the bottom of blog posts.

Get creative when incentivizing your website visitors

Give your website visitors a benefit or incentive for signing up. Here’s where you can get creative. Most brands have good offers, they just aren’t displaying them in a way that is triggering action.

get newsletter signups interactive slider

In the above example, an interactive slider highlights a special offer.

Now, who doesn’t like a surprise special gift? But this type of incentive is even more powerful because it taps into psychology.

Curiosity makes it very hard to resist wondering what’s behind that little package. FOMO, anyone?

So use that to your advantage.

Minimize the effort it takes to subscribe

Every day we’re bombarded with requests online. Click here, fill this in, and so on. The more complex a request, the less likely anyone is truly interested in completing it.

The same goes for your newsletter signups. While gathering data is always a good thing, asking for too much information at the start is likely going to turn away a lot of potential customers.

So keep it simple.

Make it as easy as possible for someone to signup for your newsletter. You can always gather more data as these people move through your sales funnel.

Make sure you’re mobile friendly

Right now, in late 2018, there are still brands that are losing visitors because their sites offer a terrible mobile experience.

Mobile traffic now accounts for over 52% of all website traffic around the world. And email conversion rates are higher on mobile devices compared to both desktop and tablets. Mobile matters and if you aren’t tapping into that, you’re losing business, plain and simple.

When creating opt-ins for mobile take these factors into consideration:

  • Font size and readability is important on smaller screens
  • Keep your call to action simple and concise; you have limited space so pack a punch in just a few words
  • Considering adding an SMS or call option too, people are already on their phones so make it easy

Grab people before they go

Today, you’ve got seconds to make a first impression. And most of the visitors who come to your site will never return.

If that sounds depressing, there is something you can do about it. Enter: the exit-intent popup.

exit intent popup

Here’s how to capture existing visitors:

A visitor lands on your site and takes a look around. Before they leave a pop up appears that has, you guessed it, some incentive to provide their email address before they go.

This can take all forms of interactive content, offer a discount, a trivia question, or highlight a new product they might like based on their browsing history.

Engaging these visitors as they are about to abandon you can capture more email subscribers.

Say goodbye to low opt-in rates

Now, are you ready to up your newsletter game?

Use the strategies above to get more signups and improve your bottom line.