Why Personalized SMS Messaging Is Important

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Everyone reads all of their text messages.

Not everyone reads all of their emails.

Not everyone listens to all of their voicemails.

Not everyone opens all of their physical mail.

But everyone reads their text messages. Think about it: Do you know anyone who doesn’t?

So, as a marketer, if there’s ever been an opportunity for white-hot engagement with your consumers, it’s through SMS or text messaging.

The problem, of course, is that the wrong type of SMS strategy can backfire. Nobody responds well to what they interpret as spammy. So there’s a tricky balance between effective SMS communications and the type of texts that are going to drive consumers away.

The key?

You guessed it: Personalization!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Personalization wins the day. Consumers expect it, and you’d better deliver it. The same goes for your SMS communications.

But there’s SMS messaging. There’s personalized SMS messaging. And then there’s animated personalized SMS messaging. That’s where you can truly set yourself apart.

Tap Into the Wow Factor Through Personalized SMS Animation

Personalized animations, especially delivered through SMS, allow you to wow your recipients and give them something fresh.

Animation helps tell a story that can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Animation is more than just a novelty. It should be an important part of your SMS marketing. You can literally make your messages come to life!

But you may be wondering about how to get started.

Getting started with personalized, animated SMS might seem daunting, but Zembula makes it easy for you to add SMS to your existing email campaigns or to spin up a new one.

With Zembula, you can use your data to create sophisticated animations for your texts. Zembula makes it easy to add highly engaging personalized messages.

5 Case Studies That Highlight the Importance of Personalized SMS Messaging

Numerous scenarios demonstrate why personalized SMS messaging is so important.

Many of them will be specific to your individual business. But here are five that should get you thinking in terms of the potential to boost your bottom line through personalized SMS.

1. Shipment Tracking

Maybe you’re already using SMS to alert customers to the status of their orders. But if you add personalized animation to the mix and a little creativity, you can turn this into a sales opportunity.

Call the customer by name. Show them a visual representation of where their package is in the process. Entice them to make another purchase with a limited-time discount code.

2. Loyalty Participation

Personalized SMS gives you another avenue to allow your best customers to take advantage of their loyalty status. Send personalized updates, special offers, program benefits, and enrollment opportunities.

3. Promotions

You can achieve deep personalization by combining your data with your SMS strategy. Take something like browser history or cart abandonment data and combine that with a super personalized message that highlights a specific product that you know that the consumer is considering. Then send that personalized offer via SMS.

4. Abandoned Cart

There’s a ton of potential related to abandoned cart data. The problem is that everyone sends abandoned cart emails nowadays. But not every consumer reads them. This is where SMS can give you an elevated opportunity to engage more effectively.

5. Post Purchase

Tailor your content to the customer’s order or status. Things like asking for a review. Or instructions about the product they just purchased. Or an update on their loyalty points status. Or a link to an FAQ page about the product they purchased. There is a huge opportunity to give the customer value and to build 1:1 engagement.

Harness the Direct Line of SMS Communication

To truly leverage your SMS strategy, pair it with other content. If you can personalize your messaging and add value for your customer by giving them something beyond what they purchased or are considering, you can win more transactions.

Animation helps you tell a more effective personalized SMS story.

And Zembula makes it easy for you to tap into this type of engagement without a ton of effort on your part.

Start harnessing your data to a greater effect.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk.