How Email Personalization Improves Performance

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Adapt or die, as they say. That’s an age-old truism when it comes to business. You’re either changing with the times, or the times are leaving you behind.

When it comes to retail sales, there’s one absolute, non-negotiable, must-do when it comes to email marketing. Personalization. If you’re not doing that one singular thing, your days are numbered. Sorry to say.

Consumers have evolved. And competition for their attention has intensified. Nowadays, people want to be treated as individuals. That’s what they’ve come to expect. You can no longer get away with talking to a group. You’ve instead got to narrow your messaging focus and tailor it to each individual consumer.

The numbers don’t lie. A study by Experian Marketing Services found that personalized emails produced six times more transaction revenue than non-personalized emails. And personalized emails had 51% higher unique click rates.

Does that get your attention?

Even if it does, you’re probably in one of two camps: Either you’re already personalizing and are seeing those results, or you have absolutely no idea where to begin and find the entire thing overwhelming.

For those of you in the latter camp, Zembula has you covered. Now you (yes, you!) can easily (yes, easily!) personalize every single email you send. Seriously. Zembula makes it far simpler than you can imagine to drastically improve your email’s performance.

Deep Personalization Made Easy

Using Zembula, you can address each of your customers by name in your emails. You can include information that’s individual to each one of them. Things like loyalty points, product recommendations, star ratings, the nearest store to their location, purchase history and tracking information. That’s the key to better email performance.

You harvest the data, and then Zembula allows you to automate the process of plugging that data into specific situations. Use the Zembula Campaign Decision Engine to organize and optimize your personalized content. You can set up rules to prioritize your content display.

Don’t limit your personalization to just using the customer’s name. Instead, use dynamic headers, body content, and footers that update live as they open the email. They’re called Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ and are proprietary to Zembula. Display any combination of data sources and animations to increase your email engagement. Each viewer gets an entirely different experience.

Happy Birthday Smart Block

There’s no need to segment your lists. Everyone gets the most relevant combination of Smart Banner™ and Smart Block™. You can layer endless data sources into the same image. And it’s priced for scale as a utility so that you can use it in all your emails.

Supercharge Your Email Performance

Email personalization shouldn’t be a sometime thing. From now on, you need to make it an all-the-time thing.

You should be using personalized animations to draw attention and drive action on practically anything from loyalty points to financial data or product recommendations.

Flash Sale

You should use location data to design emails with a personal touch. Create notices relative to their situation. It’s about identifying what your customers are experiencing and then looking for ways to plug in solutions they can access quickly.

Those are just a couple of quick examples. Personalized emails help you build relationships with your customers. They develop deeper brand loyalty, which leads to repeat business, and best of all, results are all but guaranteed. 

If you’ve got the right tools, personalizing your emails doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn more about how Zembula makes it easy to get started.

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