Capture information from more engaged viewers with active audience triggers

Zembula helps you grow your email list with an interactive Slide-in that captures more attention than and outperforms your static forms.


Make a better first impression

It’s time to put your old email captures to bed. Start collecting more information from your engaged audience with an interactive Slide-in.

See how Alpha Industries got 22x more emails on their own site.


Here is how it works

1. A visitor lands on your site and an interactive Slide-in is triggered by some criteria you set.

2. The visitor interacts with your Slide-in and reveals your secret offer along with an email capture.

3. The visitor enters their information and the Slide-in either closes or the visitor is taken to a different location.

Features you expect, plus more!


Save time

Create in 5 minutes

Code Icon

Don’t bug IT

Paste the code one time for all campaigns



Works on all sites, browsers and devices


Become a better marketer

Learn from campaigns with analytics

Tailored Experience

Be in control

Set rules and triggers, personalize


Integrate with a few clicks

Set up integrations without product key

Keep it fresh


Trivia Newsletter Signup

Product Releases

Plus more!

We’d love to help you brainstorm some ideas for your interactive email campaign.

Create a bulletproof experience from end to end

Zembula experiences work on all websites and in all browsers. From mobile to desktop, Chrome to Safari, we got you.

We also integrate with anything and everything. We even have easy to set up integrations with the most popular stuff. With just a few clicks you can set up automatic sending to your database.

When we use Zembula consistently, our members know what they’re expected to do and engagement increases – and this is not necessarily an offer/discount every time.

Jessica Barry, Marketing Assistant & Social Media Manager

Don’t be the last to know! It’s time to up your email acquisition game.