The Ultimate List of Email Personalization Stats

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If you don’t yet understand how important email personalization is to growing and sustaining your business, you may be falling behind your competition. But the good news is you can catch up quickly.

Customers expect direct, personal engagement. They want to be treated as individuals. They don’t want to waste their time looking at things that don’t matter to them. Talking to people as a group or herd no longer works. It doesn’t resonate with today’s consumers. Especially when your competitors may be doing a better job of treating their customers as special.

But talk is cheap, right? Maybe you’re the type that needs cold, hard facts to be convinced. We got you. Read on for the ultimate list of email personalization stats. We’ve pulled the 16 most relevant statistics to demonstrate the importance of personalization. And if you’re not convinced after this, well… good luck to you.

16 Stats That Prove You Need To Be Personalizing Your Emails

1). 52% of consumers say they’ll go somewhere else to find what they’re looking for if an email is not personalized.

2). Segmenting campaigns leads to a revenue increase of up to 760%!

3). 59% of people say that email marketing influences their buying decisions. See, people are listening to you. But if you really want to engage, you’ve got to treat them each as individuals.

4). If your competition isn’t personalizing, you can beat them to the punch. Studies show that only 20% of retail companies are personalizing their emails.

5). Personalized emails are opened 82% more than generic emails.

6). Personalized abandoned cart emails work! In fact, 60% of shoppers returned to complete their purchase after receiving one.

7). And sending three abandoned cart emails leads to 69% more orders than through a single email.

8). Emails with a personalized subject line are 26% more likely to be opened.

9). 74% of Baby Boomers consider email to be the most personal means of communicating with their brands of choice. Now imagine how effective you could be at reaching them if you were truly personalizing your outreach.

10). More than 80% of consumers reported that they will open a welcome email. That’s one of the most effective deep personalization opportunities available to you.

11). Nearly 75% of respondents reported that they hate being shown content that’s not relevant to them.

12). Another study suggests that personalized emails produce six times more transactions than non-personalized emails.

13). 43% of people who unsubscribe from an email list say it’s because the content isn’t relevant.

14). Targeted and personalized emails are responsible for 58% of all revenue.

15). 75% of consumers reported that they are more likely to buy from a company that knows their purchase history and uses it to recommend other products they may like.

16). By simply addressing your customer by name, you can increase the chance that your email is opened by 35%.

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How Zembula Can Help You Personalize

There’s personalization. And then there’s deep personalization. Zembula makes it easy to go beyond surface-level to get to the really good stuff that truly inspires action.

Addressing a customer by name is great, but it’s just the beginning. You should go beyond a name by including 1:1 animation, making your emails kinetic, asking your customers for their opinions, using personalized images, sending personalized promotions, and reminding your customers of their loyalty status.

None of it is hard to implement with Zembula. You can harness the data you’re already collecting and use it to much greater effect, creating a deep personalization experience.

Set yourself apart. Win consumer trust. And see an increase in transactions. Personalization with Zembula makes it all possible. Learn more about what might work for you.

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