How Real-Time Notifications Can Boost Your Holiday Emails

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During the holiday season, it’s critical to get your most important information out to readers. But, as you probably already know, that can be pretty hard. Meticulously pre-planning your holiday email campaigns doesn’t leave much room for last-minute changes, especially when so much is on the line in terms of revenue.

What if there was a better option? A way to keep your holiday campaigns rolling just as you planned, without interruption, and a way to keep your readers up to date on important news and notifications?

Enter real-time notifications.

Use your real-time data to increase the visibility of your most important updates. Plus, since you can pull in data from each customer, notifications are personalized to them.


How real-time notifications work

The process is pretty straightforward and easy to integrate with your current email service provider. All you need to do is add a few snippets of code to your email template. From there, customer data get pulled in from sources like your CRM, loyalty manager, and eCommerce system. The Zembula platform allows you to create all sorts of notifications, including abandoned cart updates, package tracking, and countdown timers.

Once all the data is loaded, you’re good to go. If you want to start by sending a simple notification to everyone on your list, you can. And if you’re going to mix things up and create a variety of notifications based on a few key behaviors, you can do that too.

Zembula’s AI optimizes the notifications you send, choosing the best one based on customer behavior and data. The result is your customers get personalized emails optimized with the information that matters most to them. 

The notifications update in real-time, so your customer always gets the most up-to-date information possible the second they open their email. And because notifications update at the moment-of-open, not the moment-of-send, you can make quick changes without impacting entire campaigns.

Here are few ways to incorporate real-time notifications into holiday email campaigns.

Key holiday information

Do you have critical holiday shopping-related news you want to share? Maybe you have special store hours during the holiday season, or you’re experiencing shipping delays due to a manufacturing snag. You can send out a new email with this info, but the chances are high a majority of your readers might not see it. 

Instead, use notification banners at the top of your emails to keep your customers updated with what’s happening. The streamlined design sits right at the top of your emails and updates in real-time. Regardless of the email your customer gets, from shipping notifications to loyalty updates to weekly newsletters, they’ll get the info they need whenever they open their email. 

Special sales and events

One increasingly popular tactic for a lot of brands during the holiday season is to have a special sale before the sale. These events and promotions are often targeted at VIPs, frequent shoppers, and loyal email readers. It can get them engaged, excited, and ready to take action before the “official” holiday season begins.

With an email notification, you can be sure the right customers get these personalized updates at the top of every email. We all know segmenting lists are important. You get better responses targeting your emails to a particular group of customers. The same is true with your notifications. Let those VIPs and loyalty members know they’re getting something special by highlighting it in every email they get.

Abandoned carts

Some of the lowest-hanging fruit you can target, and hopefully convert, during the holiday season are people who have left items in their shopping cart. Even during non-holiday times, abandoned shopping cart rates are pretty high, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some of these people back to complete their purchases. 

abandoned cart countdown circle

Here’s where having the ability to add personalized, real-time notifications to your emails can make a huge difference to your bottom line. With abandoned cart notification banners, customers who have left something in their cart will see that update in every email you send to them. Take it a step further, add a countdown timer or coupon code; make it hard for customers to ignore! 

Capitalize on real-time notifications this holiday season

Add real-time notifications to your holiday email marketing plans and watch your engagement levels increase. Now that you’ve seen a few examples of how to do it jump right in. 

Curious to learn more? Get in touch today, and we can show you what else you can do with notifications.

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