Win the Email Race With Zembula’s Real-Time Ratings and Reviews

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The race for consumer attention is unrelenting. Only the strong survive. If your emails don’t stand out, you’ve got no shot at capitalizing on one of the cornerstone methods of driving transactions.

Think of your own email inbox. Look at how many marketers are fighting for your attention.

Stand out or be left out. That’s today’s email marketer’s standard. Win attention and customer action will follow.

The way to win is by being relevant. Zembula gives you that opportunity by making it simple to add ratings and reviews. It’s user-generated content that gets results. That’s what your customers want. That’s what will win their attention. So give it to them.

Not only is it easy with Zembula, but you can actually update those ratings and reviews in real-time – even after you’ve sent the email. And if you’re using Maropost, you’re set. Installation is a snap.

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Make Your Emails Moment of Open

Your emails could be so much more impactful if you could include ratings and reviews and update them whenever you wanted.

Have you ever sent an email only to realize you’d forgotten something important? Or maybe some key information wasn’t available until after that day’s email had gone out. Using Zembula, you can add that five-star rating to your email even if it wasn’t posted until after you hit send.

Any users who had not yet opened your email would get only the updated content when they did. Even if they had opened it, if they returned to the email they’d get any new updates. So instead of outdated, moment-of-send emails, you could be sending current moment-of-open emails.

Zembula allows you to create email images that contain live data. You cut and paste a single snippet of code, and after that, you don’t have to touch the code at all.

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You can also personalize your messaging so that you’re only sending that live data to the people for whom it’s relevant.

Have that moment-of-open power with whatever data you’re collecting, including cart abandonment notifications, tracking information, rewards points status and more.

Pairing Maropost and Zembula Is Simple

Zembula itself is not an email service provider, but it works seamlessly with whichever one you’re using, including Maropost. Integration is free and supported.

Maropost esp

Once Zembula is installed, unleashing its power is straightforward and intuitive. This is very much a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) platform. There’s no need to invest in customized development. You’ll simply use the email editor to drag and drop your data into content blocks. And you won’t have to go back to the code to do it.

Get up to 200 million impressions at a rate of $0.50 per 1,000 with Zembula’s base real-time price.

Learn more about how Zembula can make your emails more effective. Schedule a free demo.

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