The Best Way to Start the New Year? Real-time Personalization

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Are you looking for a new strategy for your email campaigns in the new year? Why not dig more deeply into personalization?

Sending out personalized emails is a great way to start building a relationship with your customers. Giving customers the content they want and directly applies to them can help you establish a long-lasting trust, translating into loyal customers.

Now, if you want to take your personalization strategy to the next level, add in the option to do it in real-time.

Here’s why it can make your emails stand out. 

What is real-time personalization?

By now, you know what personalization is; it’s a way to give your customers content that gives information or matters only to them. Some examples include loyalty information, abandoned cart notifications, and shipping updates. 

Zembula personalized email

These are all great ways to personalize emails on their own. But, what if you added that extra dimension of real-time, moment-of-open personalized email updates too?

Now, you’ve really made your emails special. With moment-of-open emails, every time your customer opens their email, it provides them with the most up-to-date information. 

Customers want personalization

Spend any time looking at the stats around email personalization, and you’ll find it’s gone mainstream. The data shows customers want personalized emails. When brands answer the call for more personalization, customers tend to reward them with more clicks, opens, and conversions. 

Approximately 90% of customers are more likely to engage with brands who send them personalized emails. And another 80% say they are more likely to buy from brands that show them personalized shopping experiences. 

Those numbers give you all the information you need to start personalizing your emails. 

Ways to capitalize on real-time personalization

Ok, so you know you need to up your game when it comes to personalization. Real-time updates and information is the perfect way to do that. 

Here are a few ways you can include real-time personalization in your email campaigns:

Loyalty updates

Members of your loyalty program are probably some of your best customers. And yet, some research shows that way too many loyalty programs aren’t capitalizing on sending enough emails. 

You don’t want to make this mistake. Instead, use your emails to make your loyalty program stand out with real-time updates. 

These emails are perfect for letting your customers know exactly where they stand with their loyalty points, updates, and rewards. Now, to get the most up-to-date information, all they have to do is open their email.

Special events

Another really cool feature of moment-of-open emails is they pull in real-time geolocation. That means wherever your customer is, they will get the most up to date info that pertains to their location. 

Opening a zembula email in two different locations

For example, let’s say your customer lives in Portland and gets an email about a big sale at your store. But, they decide to take a weekend trip to Seattle. When they open up that sale event email while in Seattle, it will update to the nearest store at their current location. 

Shipping updates

Shipping is a big deal with customers. They want to know where their packages are without having to chase down that information. Ask your customer service team. Chances are, they get quite a few calls each day from customers asking where their packages are. During the holidays, that number probably skyrockets. 

Zembula package tracking email

With real-time shipping emails, your customers will get the latest information on their packages every time they open their email — no need to chase tracking numbers or sign in to other websites to find out that info. It’s right there.

Explore the options

You can get started with real-time personalization by setting up your email with modular content blocks. These drag and drop blocks make personalizing your email really easy. All you need to do is include a content block that has live images

From there, each of your reader’s unique data is pulled in and displayed in the content blocks, giving them a personalized email experience

With live image content blocks, you have a world of options that you can experiment with, to the surprise and delight of your customers.