Make Sure Your Most Important Information is Seen With Real-Time Notifications

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Keeping in touch with your customers is a vital part of building a solid relationship. It helps create a level of trust, and when a consumer trusts you, they are far more likely to become loyal and stick with you over the long-haul. 

It seems pretty simple, right? Yet, a lot of brands ignore that, to their own detriment. In order to get your customers and readers on board, you need to be in touch and speak to them. You want to keep in touch all the time, not just when you need to share an announcement.

Real-time notification banners can help bridge that divide. 

Here’s how. 

Deliver timely content

Businesses don’t run in a vacuum. There’s always the need for announcements. As we saw over the past year, keeping your customers informed about what is going on is critical. However, there aren’t that many ways to easily reach your customers.

Your website is one way, but not everyone will visit your website all the time. The same goes for email. You can send out a dedicated announcement email, but not everyone will read it.

real-time notification can help fix that. These banners sit at the top of your emails and update every time your reader opens their email. That helps you exponentially expand the reach of your message.

Now the fun part, share your news. The great part about these updates is you never have to worry about your readers getting old or wrong information. 

Here are just a few ways your brand can capitalize on real-time notifications in email:

  • news 
  • flash sale announcements
  • product releases
  • new store openings
  • in-store special loyalty events
  • special deals and coupons
  • low inventory announcements
  • shipping updates
  • abandoned cart updates

And more. 

Readers who open your newsletter, their shipping notifications, and membership updates will see the information you deem most important. Everyone stays connected all the time.

Add another level of personalization

Think about the emails you tend to open in your own inbox. They tend to be from trusted brands or offer personalized content. So, apply that same logic to the emails you send out too. After all, other readers and customers want what you do, emails that offer personalized content that matters to them. 

Here’s where real-time notification helps. With Zembula’s AI-optimized platform, you can feel confident that your readers are going to open their emails and get information that’s personalized to them. 

From shopping cart notifications to shipping updates and loyalty promotion announcements, you can add another level of personalization. Plus, notification bars aren’t generic either. Add in your reader’s name and even add a countdown timer based on their geographic location. 

The more personalized you can get with your emails, the better. And with emails that update at the moment of open, you never have to worry that what you’re sending is out of date. 

Get more engagement

A big driver of any email marketing campaign is to drive engagement and encourage readers to take action. Having them open your email and click links helps to increase eventual conversion rates over time. 

So you want to do everything you can to make your email stand out and get people to take action. Real-time notifications can make all the difference. Adding all those key elements, personalization, real-time updates, and visibility can help drive those clicks and conversions. 

Notifications don’t have to be limited to eCommerce shops; retailers and travel brands can all tap into the potential of real-time updates too. Use them to promote everything from upcoming flash sales to product releases and in-store promotions and events. 

Start embracing real-time notifications

Once you realize how many different ways you can start using real-time notifications in your emails, you won’t want to stop. All you need to do is choose which data sources you want to integrate from your marketing stack, add a single snippet of code to your email template, and you’re good to go. 

The Zembula platform takes care of the rest. To learn more about how to tap into the power of real-time notifications, get in touch today

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