The Zembula button allows you to bring the entire Zembula toolkit to your existing workflow.

Just push the Zembula button to access reveals, live images, videos, polls, countdown timers, and more.

Live Images

Connect to your audience on a deeper level by pulling dynamic elements into your email.

Zembula live images are personalized at the point of open and can have any data integrated, such as name, weather, location and even behavioral data. Want to see how we stack up against the competition? Check this out.


Reveal marketing is core of our platform and the results speak for themselves. Our customers report 4x the conversions when using reveals. We have 10 interactive experiences including Scratch-it, Peel-it, Slide-it, and Smash-it at your fingertips with the Zembula button.

Add interactive content to your emails seamlessly for the first time ever. For a boost in engagement combine live images and reveal.

And these other amazing features



Add an overlay video to your site that is viewable via a click out of email.


Countdown Timer

Add FOMO to any email with a countdown timer.



Add custom elements with any content you can possibly think of.

Ready to up your email game?

Let us know who your ESP is and we will get to work on integrating.