Personalized Ratings and Reviews – The Secret Sauce for Your Next-Level Emails

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Don’t just settle for sending passive messaging with your email newsletters. If you want to grow your business, you’ve got to get active. You have to engage your customers, and you’ve got to make it as simple as possible for them to get to a buying decision.

There’s nothing more effective that you could do to make a huge impact on your business than by including user-generated content (UGC). And not just any UGC. It’s ratings and reviews that drive the train. Customers want to know what other customers think. Period.

So why aren’t you giving this to your customers?

Probably because doing so is a massive pain. See, email service providers have done a terrible job of making it easy for email marketers to include ratings and reviews. Who has time to create and test HTML templates all day?

Zembula to the rescue! Check this out: With Zembula, you can easily use drag-and-drop modular content blocks that are placed using a single snippet of code, allowing you to remotely control your content. And you can personalize that content – including ratings and reviews – so you’re communicating with each user as an individual.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

And if your small business is using OutboundEngine to send emails, installing Zembula couldn’t be simpler.

Personalize Your Emails for Maximum Impact

For most businesses, not every product is important to every customer. That means, of course, that not every rating or review is relevant to everyone. Zembula makes it simple to personalize your messaging. Share the information that matters to each person. Do that, and sales will follow.

Using Zembula, you’ll create email images that contain your data. You update those images using just a single snippet of code. After that, you don’t have to touch the code at all.

ratings and reviews header

Beyond ratings and reviews, you can personalize all of your messaging. We’re talking rewards points, tracking information, cart abandonment notifications and so much more. You can effectively use all of the data you’re probably already collecting.

Getting Started With Zembula Is Fast and Easy

Zembula works with whatever email service provider you’re using, including OutboundEngine. You could be up and running faster than you may think. The integration is free and supported.


Pricing for Zembula is based on impressions, with the base real-time price including up to 200 million impressions at a rate of $0.50 per 1,000.

With Zembula, you get a What You See Is What You Get system. Operation is straightforward. Simply use the email editor to drag and drop content blocks. You can do all of this without having to go back to the code.

Try a demo to learn more about how Zembula can help your business.

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