3 Creative Ways to Offer More Personalized Content to Your Customers

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Email personalization is increasingly important. Your brand needs to find new and creative ways to offer more personalized content to your readers.

Why? Because consumers require it.

If you aren’t delivering on personalizing the emails you send them, they’ll move on and find another brand that does. It’s as simple as that. 

Plus, today’s consumers want more than the basics when it comes to personalization. Personalized subject lines and ‘hello [name]’ can only get you so far. 

If you want to stand out and dominate the inbox, you need to go even further. 

Here’s how to do it.

Why personalization matters

Personalized emails can provide three big wins for your brand:

  • First, more people are likely to open your emails when they know you send out personalized content. When a customer knows you send out great ‘must open emails, your job gets a lot easier.
  • Second, personalized emails help drive engagement. Who doesn’t love getting something that’s made just for them? Those positive feelings help build something special between the customer and your brand.
  • Finally, more opens and engagement means more revenue. At the end of the day, when you improve your emails and offer better and more personalized content, customers will respond by taking action. 

See why personalization is such a big deal?

Now, let’s look at how you can start adding more personalized content to your emails.

Personalized images and animations

When you move beyond the basics of personalization, you need to find something that’s going to catch the eye and move the needle. Well, what about image personalization

Take a look at the email above. It’s hard not to pay attention to it, right? You’ve got a personalized animation content block that gives your customer super personalized information about their mortgage. Plus, the content of the email is entirely secure. 

Adding more image personalization to your emails is always a good thing. Let’s face it, when an email looks cool, it catches the attention of the reader. Today, that’s half the battle. 

Dynamic content

Another way to add more content personalization to your emails is by making them more dynamic. Pull in the data you have from your CRM, loyalty, email service provider, and eCommerce tools and use that to give your emails an entirely new level of personalization. 

When you can dynamically switch around the products you want to offer and highlight based on your customer’s interests, it can make a massive difference. The emails are interactive. Your customers can click and learn about products just as if they were on your websites.

Instead of getting generic content, they are going to open an email that features only the products they’re most interested in or have previously engaged with. That makes it so much easier to encourage your readers to take action and convert. 

Customized announcements

You can also offer more personalized content to your emails in the form of custom news, brand announcements, and customer updates. Zembula’s Smart Banner and Smart Blocks make it really easy to ensure you’re always sending out personalized content. 

Use Smart Banners to attach a customized notification to the top of every email you send out. These can share news updates, but you can also personalize them with animations and a call to action button to drive even more engagement. 

Smart Blocks do the same. Drag and drop a Smart Block into your email template, use a snippet of code to hook up the data you want to pull in, and you’ve got a dynamic, personalized email that will keep your customer updated with everything they need to know.

Ready to get personal?

Email personalization is more important than ever, and you don’t want to get left behind. So finding creative ways to stand out and offer more to your customers is critical. 

We can help. 

If you want to learn more about how your brand can add image personalization to every email, get in touch. We’d love to learn more about your brand and how to improve your campaigns and reach more customers. 

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