Keep Your Customers Engaged Longer on Your BlueState Campaigns With Ratings and Reviews

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Customer engagement is the term that marketers use to describe how invested a customer is with a brand. Depending on the vertical of the brand, this can be more heard towards emotions or with how much time they interact with a brand’s content. Many metrics are used to measure engagement to suit each brand’s specific needs, but engagement matters at the end of the day because more engagement translates to more sales. 

BlueState digital has a marketing suite designed around the concept of customer engagement and measuring how each of our marketing initiatives impacts this goal. 

Zembula is the perfect match for BlueState since it allows you to add a series of additional tools proven to increase customer engagement across the board. One of the tools we’ve seen making the most significant impact on engagement is our rating and reviews block. 

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User-Generated Content Dramatically Improves Engagement.

User-generated content has the power to keep people glued to their screens. Proof of that is how social media has become such an integral part of our lives as marketers. However, harnessing the power of user-generated content can be tricky because, for the most part, you don’t control it. It’s out there on some social media platforms. 

Ratings and reviews are a form of user-generated content that we can use to provide our customers with content that they engage and value. That’s why we now see dedicated ratings and reviews sections on most eCommerce websites, from big to small. 

Zembula lets you add ratings and reviews directly to your email campaigns so that you can use user-generated content strategically and maximize the impact of your communications with your customer.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews Modules

Our ratings and reviews module can integrate with your customer data so that you can create personalized recommendations. It also updates in real-time directly from your customer’s inbox. This way, you can make sure that your audience always receives the most relevant and up-to-date information. 

Simple Integration Process and Intuitive Interface

Integrating Zembula into your BlueState platform is fast and easy. All you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code to your email, and you’re all set. No need to call your IT department to install the new tools.

Our user interface is designed to be intuitive for marketers. If you’ve used any popular email service providers, you’ll find our interface familiar since it uses a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface with drag and drop functionality. 

If you want to explore new ways to improve your customer’s email engagement, click here to set up a call with one of the email specialists.

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