How eCommerce brands can use ratings and reviews in email campaigns

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Imagine you get an email that reads something like this:

We’ve got a big sale on now. Our cropped denim jeans are a huge discount! We know if you try these on, you’ll love them! 

Learn more, call to action button, blah blah blah. 

You get the point. 

Maybe this email is somewhat compelling. If the brand has done its job with targeting, you’re getting this personalized email because the data shows you’ve viewed the jeans before or even left them in your shopping cart.

But as of yet, you haven’t felt compelled to buy these jeans.

Now, imagine getting an email that is still looking to sell the same product. But includes a five-star rating instead of branded copy and a countdown timer to add a little bit of urgency too. 

Do you see the difference? This animated personalized email features real-time content that updates every time it’s opened.

That user-generated five-star rating, plus the review they wrote, often goes way further than anything you can generate on your own. That social signal, right in your customer’s inbox, is powerful, and it entices them to click. 

The power of ratings and reviews! As an eCommerce brand, you have the perfect opportunity to use ratings and reviews in unique ways in your email campaigns. 

Beyond what you’ve seen above, here are a few more ideas for you to get started. 

Feature popular and best-selling products

The 80/20 rule applies to sales too. In general, 20% of your products are going to generate 80% of your sales. With data from your eCommerce campaigns and dashboards, you can hone in on exactly which products make up the most successful 20%. 

Once you’ve compiled all that information, it’s time to build some email campaigns around these popular and best-selling products. To do that, you’re going to want to feature a lot of ratings and reviews. 

The setup is really simple. With the Zembula platform, drag and drop content blocks make it super easy to design a template highlighting the ratings and reviews for featured products. 

The above email is a perfect example. You’re taking the top-rated item in your store and making it even more compelling. Use the hero block to show how highly it’s rated. Customers love seeing lots of four- and five-star reviews. 

Then, with the body content block, you can add copy, include even more testimonials from customers, or feature related and recommended products you know they’ll love. 

When a reader opens their email and sees a lot of user-generated content from people just like them talking about how much they love a product, they are much more likely to take action.

Be a source of key information

It’s exceedingly rare today to encounter an online shopper who hasn’t spent any time researching a product before they buy. They spend their time looking up ratings and reviews from other users and finding answers to common questions about the product. 

Rather than have your potential customers look for all of this somewhere else, include it in your emails. 

Here’s an example of one way to feature a lot of helpful information on a product for your customers:

Zembula ratings and reviews content block example

Go a step further, and take some of the most common questions you get for products and add that information to your email too. 

A lot of sites like Amazon do this on the product page. Why make your potential customers click away and do a Google search when you can give it to them in your emails?

Talk about building trust. Giving customers a catalog of easy to see information and user-generated reviews right from the start is going to set your shop apart.

And, with a polling feature, you can get more live feedback and information. You’ll know exactly which questions matter most to customers. When they open their emails, that’s what they’ll see—the information they want. 

When consumers can get all of that information right from their email, they won’t need to click away from your brand search for all of that somewhere else. This kind of attention is priceless, especially in a world where you have mere seconds to make your product stand out.

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