Increase Revenue From Your Publishing Campaigns on ePublishing With Ratings and Reviews

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Digital marketers working in publishing face a series of challenges other industries don’t. The first one is getting attention in a crowded field of competitors. The second biggest challenge is getting potential readers to trust your brand. You need to earn this trust. 

Since building trust with your reader takes time, many publishers have started using CMS to keep their readers engaged and build confidence in their brand. ePublishing is a CMS designed for publishers to develop stronger relationships with their readers and has all the necessary tools to help make that happen.

Zembula increases the effectiveness of the email marketing capabilities by adding more tools that can help you stand out in crowded inboxes to get better results with your publishing efforts.

Ratings and Reviews Signal to Your Readers That Others Trust Your Content

Earning your readers’ trust is paramount to making sure you get the sales you want. It’s why many publishers rely on ratings and reviews to accelerate the trust-building process for your readers.

Ratings and reviews give your readers proof that other people, just like them, have gotten what they expected from your publication. This makes it easier for them to consider trusting your publication while helping keep a positive view of your brand. 

Zembula makes it easy for you to add ratings and reviews to your email communication with your leads so you can leverage its trust-building power. Our ratings and review content block can also integrate with your customer data so that you can send personalized campaigns

Zembula ratings and reviews content block example

Copy-Paste Integration Process and an Easy To Use Interface

Making sure that whatever tools you add to your marketing stack works with your current workflow is critical. No one wants to use tools that make their day-to-day work more cumbersome. That’s why ease of use and simplicity are aspects of Zembula’s workflow that our users enjoy. 

The integration process consists of a simple copy-paste to the body of your email. And the workflow is a straightforward drag and drop platform that doesn’t get in the way of your existing workflow on the ePublishing platform. 

If you want to get to know how Zembula can help you increase the revenue of your campaigns, click here to schedule a call with our team of email experts.

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