Get More ROI on Your Blueshift Campaigns With Ratings and Reviews

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All brands want more profits right? But how do they get there? If brands want to increase profits, they need to take care of their customers throughout their life cycles. And the most efficient way to communicate with your customers is by email. 

Blueshift is an email marketing suite that helps brands stay in touch with their customers by creating automated response sequences and making it simple to obtain data on how customers respond to its communication. 

Zembula allows you to add ratings and reviews to your Blueshift email campaigns so you can make use of the tools proven to increase customer engagement.

Blueshift ESP

Over 90% of your customers read ratings and reviews.

One of the reasons why ratings and reviews are so effective is because almost all of your customers read them. Surveys have revealed that over 90% of all customers use ratings and reviews to inform their buying decision. Equally interesting is customers who read ratings and reviews value them just as much as recommendations from friends and family. 

Zembula’s ratings and reviews block helps add relevant ratings and reviews to your Blueshift campaigns. This way, you can make sure that you send the information most sought by your customers directly to their inboxes. 


Our ratings and reviews block can integrate with your customer data and be updated in real-time from your customer’s inbox. This allows you to make sure that you send personalized recommendations that will constantly be updated with the most recent user-generated content. 

Copy-paste integration and intuitive user interface

Integrating Zembula’s additional capability into your email campaigns is as simple as copy-pasting a few lines of code to the body of your email. There’s no need to call your IT department for support.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

Also, our user interface was designed so you can have the most effective workflow. Our user interface is based on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) with drag-and-drop functionality so that building your emails is a similar experience to what you are used to with Blueshift. 

If you’re ready to explore new ways to engage your customers and improve your email marketing ROI, click here to set up a call with one of our email experts. 

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