Three ways to use data to boost email engagement

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Email has been around for decades, and it’s a daily part of our lives. Email is also a critical marketing tool if used correctly. For those brands that embrace email, it’s a proven winner. Statistics show email drives a massive ROI of $38 for every $1 spent.

That kind of return is hard to beat. But the content that worked just a few years ago to drive customer engagement and action is starting to fall behind. To reach your readers and convert them into paying customers, you need to know what people want and expect right now. 

In 2021, there’s no excuse for you not to tap into your customer data and see what’s driving your list to take action. Here are a few ways to use your data to create more engaging emails.

Create emails that are fully personalized

We all know consumers love personalized content. That’s been a growing trend for years. But, sticking with the basic minimum level of email personalization isn’t really cutting it anymore. Your readers are used to that. 

What you need to do is go deeper into your data and mine for more information. Look at all the information you have on your customers, where they live, what they buy, if they use your loyalty program, and get super personal. 

On the Zembula platform, you have total control of what data you want to incorporate and use in your emails. And this goes beyond the easy stuff like Hey, Name. In one email, you can craft content around your customer’s location, loyalty information, purchase history, and more. 

Zembula personalized email

When your customer gets an email that looks like that, it’s hard to ignore. It’s fully personalized for them. Even better, every time they open their email, the information will update in real-time. So they’ll always get this level of personalization, whether they open their email tonight or next week.

Promote products based on buying history and interests

If you sell anything online, you’re in luck. Every time your customer even thinks about making a transaction, you’re getting data. Browsing information and even abandoned carts mean an opportunity for you to stand out. 

How? (You probably know the answer by now). With personalized product recommendations. 

Here’s how it works. Check out the above email. First, we’ve got some pretty cool personalized animation to grab the reader’s attention. Then, on top of that, the email promotes a flash sale. Now, you’re kicking up a little bit of FOMO, that’s already enticing your customer to click. If you want to add more to attract customer’s attention, try including real-time ratings and reviews tied to the products you recommend.

Now, take it even further. With the browsing and cart data you have, you can incorporate personalized product recommendations based on their history. Kate will see recommendations based on what she’s bought in the past, but Kendra can see an entirely different set of product recommendations based on her shopping history.

Reward your most loyal customers

Brands spend a lot of time attracting new customers, but it’s often much easier to convince your current customers to buy again. A big part of that is building a sense of trust and loyalty. 

You can (and should) do that through your loyalty program email campaigns. Having a loyalty program, even if it’s basic, helps. The stats prove it too. Almost 60% of online users say earning some form of loyalty rewards or points is one of the most valuable parts of their shopping experience. Another 57% say they’re more likely to shop with brands with loyalty programs that feature exclusive rewards.

If you’re incorporating your customer’s loyalty data in your email, these stats are great news. Use your emails to keep your loyalty program members up to date on exactly where they stand. On top of that, tie in their loyalty rewards to special deals or recommendations. 

Let your customers know when they have hit a new tier or are close to it, and give them some incentives to keep shopping with you. Going the extra effort to personalize your loyalty emails can make all the difference. 

We can help your emails stand out. Give us a call today, and one of our email experts will be happy to chat with you about your needs.

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