Abandoned Cart Smart Banner™: A Deep Dive With Makeup Cartel

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In a recent post, I went through an overview of how our amazing client Makeup Cartel is crushing their Smart Banner™ Campaigns. Today, I want to take a look at one banner specifically and dig a little deeper into what they did and how it’s working. 

To start, here’s a little refresher on what a Smart Banner is. A Smart Banner™ is a dynamic banner that sits at the top of all your promotional emails and automatically serves the right content at the right time to every individual user. It does this by generating personalized use cases based on rules set up in the platform. These use cases could include, but are not limited to, abandoned cart, abandoned browse, shipment tracking, loyalty, birthday, and post purchase.  

Abandoned Cart Smart Banners™ – What’s the big deal? 

If you have spent any amount of time as a marketer or around a marketer on the B2C side of things, you probably know that abandoned cart emails are some of the most profitable emails out there! 

Abandoned cart banners are a great way to increase the visibility of these messages to every email you send and start seeing 10-17% more revenue from every email, not just your siloed abandoned cart emails (although you should keep doing those!)

Now let’s dig into ways you can make your abandoned cart Smart Banners™ even more effective through the lens of Makeup Cartel. 

We know that personalization works. And when we combine it with highly converting messages like, abandoned cart, it seems to do double time for us.

We see here that they’ve added a rotating product image and name, first name, and even a financing option! All of these little details help optimize your content for conversion. However you can lower friction, even if it’s just a little, will have a huge impact over the course of your entire campaign.

Want to learn more about how Makeup Cartel is using their abandoned cart Smart Banner™? Watch our latest Z talk!

Want to see how this could work for your company? Get a demo!

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