Zembula Is Built For The Future

Our solution is easier to use then any other real-time content solution out there. Check out the list below for all the specific ways Zembula outshines the competition.



Instantly Scalable Edge Processing
No need to ever let us know when and how big your send is.

Vector Based Image Processing
Faster, more flexible, and lower cost solution than others (past technology was screenshots of HTML pages). Patent pending.

1 Pixel Delivers Thousands Of Different Messages
Minimize image pixels placed in your email templates by using one pixel per content block.

Decision Engine
Automatically picks which of your many messages to display within your content block.

1:1 Animation
Animate your data in real-time and deliver more compelling experiences. Patent pending.

Accessibility Compliance
 Auto generates 1:1 data driven text scripts for screen readers. Patent pending.

Advanced AI/ML Optimization
The next generation of optimization for clicks, revenue, or profit margin.

Advanced Data Normalization
Manage blending and normalizing data globally, or in individual images.

Export Anywhere
Add your Zembula content anywhere including emails and webpages.

Everything Zembula Can Do, You Can Too
There are no backend changes. You can do everything we can.

Ready to see how Zembula can help you with your specific marketing needs?