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Personalization is not just a nice-to-have these days – it’s a must. And the brands that have better personalization strategies are excelling at meeting their customers where they are and impacting revenue. But being more relevant is one of the biggest challenges marketers face today. Why is that? Well, data seems to be at the heart of this issue.

Not having data is obviously a huge deterrent to setting up highly personalized campaigns, but honestly, that isn’t even the main issue here. Lots of brands have tons of data on their customers and potential customers, the trouble is that it is all siloed in different databases. And even if you can get the data into the same pool, there is no standardization. It all has different mappings, each unique to the location it originated. Normalizing this and turning it into a cohesive marketing message is a huge headache.

This challenge can seem overwhelming to even the top brands, with tons of resources. It’s important to be realistic. You can’t take every piece of data to create hyper personalized messages. You need to focus on the important things. Figure out what those are and tailor you forms and other interactive content to them. Use those things to figure out who your customers are. Once you start collecting the important things, the challenge becomes tacklable, but only with the right tools in your hands. You still have to bring all the data together and normalize it so you can actually use it.

Marketers today need solutions that will do this for them. It is nearly impossible to do it by hand and at that rate, your ROI goes down the tubes. You worked hard to collect that data and you need a way to merge your CRM, your POS, and your other website data into really powerful messaging. Marketers spend the most time on analyzing and organizing data compared to all the other routine tasks they have. There is a lot of time to be saved there!

Zembula makes this possible within our UI. You don’t even need to go into the data source! Just drag and drop your way to reach the full potential of all your data.
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