Pushing Pixels #3: Email Design

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We all think we write good emails, but do we really have what it takes to stand out in an email world? Can you take your emails from “good” to “great!!”? Incorporating the tenets of good design (plus a nice splash of creativity) can really up your email game and make you the star of your audience’s crowded inbox. Read on for our tips on the “new” emails and what to do when your stuck in an e-rut.


First of all, if you’re not using a template to create your emails, you’re doing WAY more work than you should be! Designing templates can be fairly painless (unless you’re coding everything from scratch) and allows you to utilize the same basic template and modify it to fit your email.

Incorporate good brand design:

Don’t forget all the lessons we learned about branding and brand design! Subtly remind your audience of who you are and condition them to recognize your logo, colors, and incredibly great emails. Consistent branding spares your audience from confusion!

Make it fun:

Most email is boring. Don’t let yours be lumped in with the other sad emails and forgotten, or worse, never even opened! It’s been proven that incorporating fun into your emails can increase your open rate and brand retention amongst all cohorts, but particularly millennials.

Increased interactivity:

Interactivity in email is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Take advantage of this by incorporating something guaranteed to pique your audience’s interest and keep them coming back for more! We make it easy to insert interactive content into your emails, and combining that with our tips on great experience design means you won’t ever have to worry about not standing out.

Email can be incredibly boring, but it doesn’t have to be! By incorporating tenets of great design, you can ensure that your audience will not only open and read your emails, but also click through or respond. But don’t just take our word for it; scroll through Really Good Emails and see how creative you can be!

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