Increase your Adestra campaign engagement by adding user-generated ratings and reviews

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For some time now, savvy marketers have known that personalized email campaigns perform better than the traditional email blast. With 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates to prove the effectiveness of this approach, it only makes sense to use every personalization tool available. 

Adestra is one of the email service providers that has focused on making personalization the focus of their functionality. With its ability to tailor messages to every customer, Adestra has become a top choice for brands that make sure they stay relevant to their customers. 

One way to really level up your Adestra campaigns is adding ratings and reviews, but it can be difficult. Zembula allows Adestra users to add this functionality and make the most out of the customer engagement power of ratings and reviews. 


The most engaging customer-centric information tool

User generated ratings and reviews are in essence a customer engagement mechanism that allows them to easily share their perspective and opinions on your products. This is the reason why we now see them on all sorts of only ecommerce and even b2b platforms. Ratings and reviews allow your customers a transparent way to communicate their experience and as a result, engage other customers just like them. 

Zembula allows you to add ratings and reviews to your personalized email campaigns. You can now send the exact rating and review to your customer based on their data to make sure that they always receive the most relevant information. This becomes critical in making sure that they always remain engaged even if you have a wide variety of products. 

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Fast integration and intuitive interface

Zembula allows you to integrate this additional functionality without the need to call a developer and build a custom integration. All you need to do is copy-paste a few lines of code and you’ll be able to add ratings and reviews to your Adestra campaigns.

The key to Zembula’s ethos is being user friendly. Our WYSIWYG user interface lets you focus on finding innovative ways to engage your customer instead of having to learn how to use a new tool. In other words, you won’t have to read a user manual to get up and running. However, in case you do need support, our team is always on standby ready to help make your campaigns as successful as they can be.  

If you’re ready to see just how engaging your email campaigns can be, set up a free call with one of our email experts. We’ll go over exactly how Zembula can help you get the results you’re going after.  

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