Improve the Response Rate to Your DMSGS Messaging Campaigns With User-Generated Ratings and Reviews

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Whether you are using social media, email, or any other marketing channel, it all comes down to the messaging. The information and content you share with your customers are the lifeblood of every campaign. And making sure your messaging stands out from the rest will ultimately determine your marketing spends success or lack thereof.

The challenge of creating practical messaging is twofold. The first part is creating messaging that is engaging and relevant. The second part is making sure that you are effectively managing how your customer is receiving the messages. 

DMSGS (Digital Messaging Solutions, Inc.) is a platform that helps marketers organize their messaging across multiple channels so they can reach your brand’s customers in the most effective way possible.


Zembula gives DMSGS users many different ways to help the messages of their email campaigns stand out from the rest. One of the most effective tools that Zembula offers is our ratings and reviews content block.

Ratings and Reviews Are Some of the Most Trusted Resources for Customers

Studies have shown that over 91% of customers use user-generated ratings and reviews to inform their buying decision. But what’s more important than their widespread use is how trusted they are to buy customers.

Ratings and reviews are held in the same regard as a recommendation from a friend or family member. This means that having your customers read ratings and reviews of your brand’s products is almost like getting a shortcut to earning their trust.

Zembula ratings and reviews content block example

Zembula gives you the ability to make the most out of your product’s ratings and reviews by making it easy to include them in your DMSGS email campaigns. 

Our ratings and reviews content block can integrate with your customer data so that you can send personalized recommendations to your customers. This functionality helps you make sure your messages reach the highest percentage of your subscribers while still providing them with a highly personalized experience with your brand.

The Fastest Way to Improve the Performance of Your Campaigns Without Changing Your Workflow

Typically, if you need more functionality to try different approaches to engage your customers, you need to switch to a new marketing suite. In many cases, this is simply not practical. Migrating to a new platform is time-consuming and can also impact your marketing budget. 

Zembula makes it easy for you to add new functionality to your DMSGS email campaigns. With Zembula, all you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code to the body of your email. 

Our user experience was designed to be familiar and intuitive. It’s based on the WYSIWYG interface with drag and drop functionality. So, you can jump right into creating new engaging emails instead of spending time learning how a new tool works. 

Click here to schedule a free call with our email experts to explore all the different ways in which Zembula can help you improve the response rate of your messaging campaigns.

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