10 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Emails That Won 2016

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are usually a marketing frenzy.  2016 was no different.

Here are our favorite emails from this year.

  1. Valfre
    Cyber Monday Valfre
    Valfre uses a GIF to entice their recipients to shop. This, paired with cute, on brand creative makes for an irresistible combo.
  2. Urban Outfitters
    Cyber Monday Urban

    While the creative of this message is pretty stellar, this email’s best weapon is the subject line. It read “The $50 we owe you…” They give the deal away early in a very creative way and their audience can’t resist opening their email.


  3. Product Hunt
    Everyone loves animals. Product hunt found a way to capitalize on this and pull on all the right heart strings with their Cyber Monday email. This cute cat GIF is truly a present.
  4. Delta
    Cyber Monday Delta

    GIFs are obviously so hot right now. Delta used one in conjunction with a countdown timer to add eye-catching motion and ramp up urgency. Double whammy!

  5. Le Tote
    Cyber Monday Le tote

    Le Tote leveraged their audience’s curiosity and fear of missing out by teasing them with a secret offer. Their email came with a scrolling gif that went through different discount amounts. They needed to click out to see what their personal savings would be.

  6. Jason Markk 
    Black Friday Jason Markk

    This super sleek email features a neon sign GIF where the lights flicker on and off. They also leverage FOMO with their copy, letting their audience know this is their last chance to save.

  7. Cool Material 
    Black Friday Cool Material

    Cool Material knows we have a short attention span, so they give us a brief, digestible preview of all their best stuff with a GIF.

  8. Alaska

    Black Friday Alaska
    Alaska uses our desire to see new places to drive more purchases. The scenery behind the window changes each time it opens revealing a different, exciting destination.

  9. Dominosscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-12-44-33-pm

    Dominos knows what the kids want. They want pizza and emojis. In a successful attempt to stay relevant they used emojis in their subject line.

  10. Macy’s
    Black Friday Macys

    Macy’s  is the king of FOMO and this email is no exception. This email screams “DO NOT MISS OUT!” in the best way. Macy’s also does a good job of driving to store with their exclusive deals.


Obviously GIFs, emojis and leveraging FOMO were huge trends this year. Make sure to get on the bandwagon in 2017.