6 Reasons to Add More Personalization to Your Emails

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Personalization has been around for a while. By now, we know adding a name to a subject line can move the numbers a bit. 

Stuff like that has worked, but like everything else, there comes a time where basic personalization doesn’t make the impact you need. Today, your consumers face overstuffed inboxes every morning. But, unfortunately, most of those emails get ignored. 

Finding a way to stand out means going deeper into personalized emails. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to catch the eye of your customers, increase engagement, and drive them to take action.

Here are a few reasons why you need to focus on getting more personalized.

Personalization works

Duh. Sorry, this is an obvious one but still important to restate. So here are a few key email personalization stats to remember:

  • 90% of customers are more likely to shop with brands that send emails tailored to them.
  •  72% of customers will only engage with marketing that has personalized messaging.
  • Personalized emails see a median return on investment of approximately 122%.

The data doesn’t lie. When you personalize your emails, customers get engaged, and you see a nice boost to your bottom line.

Get more sales

Ultimately, that’s the goal, right? You want to get more customers and sales. With personalization, you can. Customers are driven to engage and take action when content is tailored to them. Show them recommended products, highlight positive product ratings and reviews, give them unique coupons, special access to events for loyalty members, and more.

Research shows personalized content reduces the length of the sales cycle while boosting conversion rates. And it can help lower customer acquisition costs too. When you have a legion of happy customers, it’s much easier to encourage them to keep buying.

Build a better relationship with customers

No one wants to feel like they are nothing more than a nameless, faceless customer transaction number. It’s not exactly the best way to build a solid relationship with your customers. If they don’t feel like you care, it makes it really easy for them to shop around.

Personalized emails help build loyalty and trust. When you show your customers content that matters to them and speaks directly to their needs, wants, and even location, that helps make them see you’re paying attention. That goodwill can go a long way to forming a long-term loyal relationship. 

Improve your overall customer experience

Customer experience really matters today. And it goes way beyond how a website works or how easy it is to buy. From that first touch to the communication you have after a transaction is completed, every step you take makes a customer more or less likely to buy from you again. 

Personalized email helps give you an edge over your competition. Use it to give your customers updates about their shipping information, tell them when they’ve got items left in their cart, and notify them of big announcements. You can do all that right from their inbox with image personalization.

You create better content

Sending generic emails that need to apply to everyone on your list isn’t exactly fun. But, when you know you can generate personalized content that applies to segments of your customers, you can go the extra mile and create something that’s both fun for you and interesting for them.

One example is a personalized holiday gift guide. Creating customized content based on your customer data is easier because you know what will move them to buy.

There are unlimited possibilities

Speaking of creating better content, personalization opens the door to unlimited potential. You can go way out of the box with how your emails look and feel. One way to do that is with image personalization. Check out this example:

Let’s face it, we all know paying the mortgage every month isn’t exactly fun. But, getting a personalized email that’s animated and feels like it’s gamifying the process stands out. It’s unique and creative and catches your customer’s attention.

In a world where attention is becoming more valuable than ever, personalization can make all difference.

Want to add more personalization to your emails? We’d love to help. Schedule a demo today.

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