Zip-It and Pull-It: Our gifts to you!

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Here at Zembula, our platform has made it possible for thousands of people to experience content in new, engaging ways, from our first experience the Scratch-It, to our more recent Slide-It and Peel-It.

Now, just in time for the holiday season, come two brand new experiences as part of our platform: Zip-It and Pull-It (because 2 gifts are always better than one)! Let me walk you through these fun new experiences, as well as a great way to use each of them to further your customer experience.

Experience Name: Zip-It
What it does: Zip-It allows the user to pull down along a central line, splitting a cover image into two parts.
How to use it: Selling new winter products? Try unzipping a jacket that gives an idea of your offerings, or perhaps unzip a tent flap to reveal cold-weather camping gear!



Experience Name: Pull-It
What it does: Pull it allows the user to pull a cover image to the side, revealing an image underneath.
How to use it: Maybe you’re advertising a local play, or inviting customers to a special event? Pull-It can be used to simulate drapes, making it easy to “pull back the curtain” and reveal your offer or event image.



Zembula is a marketing platform that creates interactive content for email, SMS, and social media to help enterprise marketers make their messaging more interactive and engaging.

By adding these two new experiences, we hope to delight your customers and make your job a little bit easier. Questions? 

Get in touch!

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