Video overlay is the tool you need in 2019 to drive traffic from email

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Website traffic.

It’s something every marketer under the sun is trying to increase. You’re probably the same.

You’re trying to get more traffic from search engine results, organic traffic, traffic from social media, and traffic from email.

After all, for most sites, that’s the name of the game. The more traffic you can drive to your pages, the more people you can convert and the more money you can make.

While the equation is easy, in reality, getting all of the pieces in place is often a lot easier said than done.

So let’s look at one of those variables: driving traffic from email.

One way brands are doing it is through video.

Video marketing works. The stats prove it. Studies have shown that when email subscribers see there’s a video waiting in their inbox, both open and click-through rates increase.

So that’s a great start.

Now, let’s take it to the next level: video overlay. If you want to work on driving traffic from email with video, this is how you can start.

What is video overlay?

In website speak, an overlay is simply a box that appears over the background content.

It looks something like this:

Overlay Cover

You’ve probably seen these all over the web, in the form of popups, surveys, and contact forms.

A lot of sites even use them as behavioral triggers. For example, a person who is getting ready to leave a website can get a popup, giving them a sweet offer they can’t refuse.

They also tend to grab a reader’s attention and help with conversion rates too.

Since video is so popular and helps drive engagement and traffic, it makes sense to work with ways of adding more video overlays to your marketing strategy.

So why not try it with email?

How video overlays can help drive traffic from email

Most of the time, when you get a video in your email, it’s a thumbnail version of an image. You click on that, and you’re brought to a third-party site like YouTube to watch it.

But with a video overlay through email, when you click to watch the video on the specific page on your website where you want viewers to end up.

A perfect example is using this to sell more products or services.

You can create an email marketing campaign that highlights a particular service to help promote a sale.

So, you shoot a great one minute video that really highlights how great this service is for your customers and you throw in a little urgency to let people know they can’t get this deal for long.

Now, you can embed this video into your email. Then using a video overlay, when your subscriber clicks out of the email to watch the video they are brought to the sales page for that particular service.

For your potential customer, this removes a lot of barriers from the buying process. They don’t have to click out of YouTube and then navigate to a different website. They are right where you want them to be as soon as the video ends.

In a world where grabbing consumers attention and asking them to take direct action matters, being able to drive traffic directly to a specific page right from your email can make a real difference.

If you’re already tapped into making lots of videos and even using them as a way to personalize your email list segments, using video overlays can add yet another dimension to your strategy.

You can’t afford to ignore video

The fact of the matter is, video is here to stay.

While there are many different opportunities for video to help improve your overall marketing, consider the impact it can have as a tool for email.

Using video both within your emails and as a cool and creative way to get more sign-ups for your email list can end up changing the game for how you approach email marketing.

So, if you’ve been looking for new and unique ways to reach your potential customers that can really wow them and drive better results, consider video overlays as one more tool in your arsenal.

Your conversion rate will thank you!