How to Capitalize on Your Transactional Emails with Smart Banners™

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Transactional emails present a fantastic opportunity to activate and reengage your customers driving them to take more action. So are you capitalizing on that?

These emails have a much higher open rate compared to traditional marketing messages and newsletters. So, with more eyeballs on your content, it makes sense you want to find ways to make the most of what your readers are seeing. 

Here’s where personalized Smart Banners™ can make a huge difference. Using Smart Banners™ in your transactional emails adds another layer of personalized messaging and helps you do it at scale. That can help you improve your click-through and conversion rates, boosting sales and revenue. 

Here are a few examples of Smart Banners™ for transactional emails in action.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails include shipping and billing notifications, welcome or loyalty member registration emails, messages about account information, reminders, and so on. They’re basic emails that are typically just there to update your customer about actions on their account. 

Boring, right?

Not so fast. Traditionally, transactional emails have been pretty straightforward, just the facts, ma’am, sort of stuff. But, to consumers, transactional emails are very important. 

Zembula smart block with various data sources

Data shows transactional emails have 2x the open rates of other emails and a click-through rate of 5-10%, with over 40% of emails getting clicks after open. Those are much higher than other non-transactional emails. 

So, that means if you aren’t finding ways to connect with your readers and customers through your transactional emails, you’re missing out. But that doesn’t mean adding a few extra links without much thought and hoping they get clicked. You need to make transactional emails a key part of your overall email marketing strategy. 

How Smart Banners™ make your transactional emails stand out

Every email you send is an opportunity to connect with your readers — it’s not something you want to take for granted. Building trust takes a long time, so it’s vital you always keep the customer experience and what they want top of mind. 

Smart Banners™ make it easy to add personalization to your transactional emails. All you need to do is add a snippet of code to your email templates and hook up your data sources. Set the parameters you want for when each customer will get a Smart Banner™, and Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine takes care of the rest. 

Our AI-powered tool runs through customer data and your parameters and, within milliseconds, picks the best banner for them. That helps you get more engagement with your emails, driving action. 

What makes Smart Banners™ special is you can add these to any email you send. So keep your transactional triggered emails firing, and add Smart Banners™ to your other emails to ensure your customers get the message.

Here are a few ways you can add Smart Banners™ to your transactional emails. 

Sending reminders is a great way to get customers engaged. Use a Smart Banner™ to let readers know when their free trial is ending, or it’s time to upgrade.

Smart Banners™ offer another way to give your customers updates about specific transactions like return or processing information. They don’t have to search through their inbox for the latest news.

Up-to-date shipping data is a must-have for every brand today. Smart Banners™ let you add this info to every email, and since they update at the moment-of-open, it’s always the latest data.

More companies use subscriptions as a way to generate revenue. Smart Banners™ let your customers know when items are about to ship or the last day to update their order, so they never miss out.

Want to learn more about Smart Banners™?

We’d love to show you the power of Smart Banners™ and how they can help transform your emails. 

Get in touch, and one of our experts will set you up with a demo and explain how Smart Banners™ can work for you. Give it a spin and see how your customers respond to more personalized emails. 

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