Make Every Email an Abandoned Cart Reminder With Smart Banners™

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If you sell anything online, you know that abandoned carts are a way of life. In fact, studies show that nearly 70% of shoppers abandon their cart at one point or another during the buying process. 

While that’s a very high rate, it doesn’t mean you can’t win some of these customers back and encourage them to complete the purchase. More research has found that over 40% of abandoned cart emails are opened, 21% will click, and over 10% will complete the purchase. 

So, retargeting customers works. If you send an abandoned cart series, you will likely get some customers to come back and complete the purchase. That’s good news. And Smart Banners™ can give you even more opportunities to win-back abandoned cart customers; here’s how.

Extend the life of your messages

One of the biggest benefits of Smart Banners™ is that they dramatically improve your messages’ visibility. Generally, if you want to try to win back an abandoned cart customer, you’d send a triggered short email series. If they buy, great, but if they don’t, the customer doesn’t often get another alert about their cart.

With Smart Banners™, your customer will see your message every time they open their email, whether it’s a newsletter, a shipping update, or a sale promotion. It helps extend the visibility of your messages and keeps reminding them to complete the purchase. 

Add more personalization

Customers today want personalized messages, it’s important to them, and you need to deliver. Smart Banners™ make it possible for you to personalize every message you send 1:1 — that’s been very difficult to do at scale before.

With each abandoned cart banner, you can add all sorts of personalized elements, including:

  • Images of the items left behind
  • User-generated customer ratings and reviews
  • Customer’s name
  • Financing options
  • Coupons and free shipping
  • Discounts by using loyalty points

Adding personalization to your abandoned cart campaigns can help drive engagement and boost revenue since customers will be more likely to finish the transaction.

Make it easy to buy

A primary reason why customers don’t end up buying an item is that the check-out process is annoying or complicated. The more hurdles you put up during check out, the more likely you will lose a significant portion of your customers. You don’t want that to be the lasting experience your customers have about your brand.

Instead, Smart Banners™ make it easy to buy. Every banner comes with a built-in call to action. So your reader is ever only a few clicks away from completing their purchase, and it starts right from their inbox. It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

Let the Campaign Decision Engine do the work for you

Being able to personalize at scale is challenging. But, that’s where our AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine can do the heavy lifting for you — leaving you to focus on other marketing tasks.

To get started, it’s simple. Pick your templates from within the Zembula platform, add a snippet of code, and hook up your data sources. Then, you set the parameters for when your readers get a particular banner, and you’re set. 

That way, whenever you have a potential customer who has left something in their cart, they’ll automatically get an abandoned cart Smart Banner™ in their emails. If they haven’t got any abandoned items, they’ll get a different Smart Banner™, or the banner will shrink to an invisible pixel. 

Ready to win-back more customers?

We thought so! Smart Banners™ can make all the difference in your abandoned cart campaigns, turning every email you send into a reminder. 

No more hoping a short abandoned cart series moves the needle. Now, your customers will have the opportunity to complete their purchase from every email you send. 

Interested in learning more about what Smart Banners™ can do for your business? Check out our guide, The Marketer’s Guide to Smart Banners™.

Click here to get your copy.

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