How Smart banners™ Make Email Personalization Easy

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Today’s customers don’t want to be seen as just a number anymore. Instead, they care about the experience they have interacting with a brand. From emails to SMS to shopping and post-purchase, it all matters. 

If you can’t deliver something personalized to their interests and needs and have a two-way conversation with them, they are far more likely to move on to another brand. That means you need to have personalization as a key part of your overall marketing strategy. 

But how can you offer that level of personalization at scale, especially if you have a huge list? Smart Banners™ can offer one solution, allowing you to personalize at scale with engaging messaging that drives action.

Here’s how to use Smart Banners™ to incorporate more personalization into your email campaigns. 

Why personalization is easy with Smart Banners™

Smart Banners™ make email personalization easy, and that’s due to Zembula’s AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine. When you use the Zembula platform, all you need to do to get started: pick your email templates, hook up your data sources, add a single snippet of code to your templates, and you’re good to go. 

zembula dynamic decision engine smart banners

From there, the Campaign Decision Engine will run through your Smart Banner™ options and pick the one that will best fit your customer based on the parameters you set. So someone with an abandoned cart will get that banner while someone else who bought a product will get a shipping banner, and so on. 

That means your customers and readers will get the best performing Smart Banner™ to help inform them and encourage action. But if your customers don’t meet the parameters you set, nothing changes with your original email. The banners turn into an invisible pixel. 

Email personalization in action

Now that you know how Zembula can create personalized Smart Banners™ without hours of coding or manual adjustments, you probably want to see a few examples. 

We thought you’d never ask. Check out some of our favorite ways to add more personalization to your emails with Smart Banners™.

A personalized reminder like this is a great way for a financial institution to encourage customers to add more to their policies, review their current coverage, or set a time to chat with an expert.

If you use a membership or loyalty points program, letting customers know when they may expire is a helpful message that can build trust with your brand.

Abandoned browse and cart Smart Banners™ are common triggered email messages. But make them more personal by highlighting the product and including other customer reviews.

Don’t forget about the power of location data. Retailers, including restaurants, can use Smart Banners™ to personalize both favorite items and what’s happening at local shops.

Another way to benefit from location-based data is to bring weather forecasts into the mix as another form of personalization. Use it to feature weather-based sales or local special events.

You can also use Smart Banners™ to update your customers and readers on pricing and inventory changes for items they were browsing, abandoned, or had on their wish list.

Lean on a Smart Banner™ to gather critical information about your customers, such as their birthdays, so you can send them more personalized messaging in the future.

Smart Banners™ can also be great tools for reminding readers and customers of everything from upcoming events to product replacements, new features, and updating information. 

Learn more about Smart Banners™

If you want to see everything you can do with Smart Banners™, you may be interested in checking out our recent guide for marketers. In it, you’ll learn our favorite tips and tricks to make the most of Smart Banners™ to transform your email campaigns.

Click here to get your own copy of the Marketer’s Guide to Smart Banners™. 

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