Increase Conversion by Adding Loyalty Points to Your Abandoned Cart Messages

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I can say with almost 100% certainty that if you’re a retail marketer, you’re looking for ways to improve conversions and revenue. Well lucky you! I have a hot tip that comes straight from one of our customers. This tip was part of our 2022 round up about what we learned. We thought this specific learning was so important we decided to dedicate an entire Z-talk to it. 

Here’s the tea: 

When you add loyalty points to your abandoned cart messaging, specifically abandoned cart Smart Banners™, it increases conversions.

If you want to take it a step further, convert those loyalty points into dollars and if you’re feeling like you want to really crush it, apply those dollars to the item in the cart and display the final price!

Hat Heaven did this and saw an increase in conversions and revenue from their Smart Banners™.

While these little details might seem like they don’t matter, they actually go a long way in reducing friction for the customer. A lot of your customers may not even know that they have points. Letting them know how many they have is the first step. Converting those points into dollars off and displaying a final price really takes the work off the customer and incentivises them to purchase without having to do math, which if they are anything like me, they hate it! 

It’s a small optimization but it can have a big impact. You can learn more about Hat Heaven’s success by reading the case study and checking out our Z-talk featuring them!

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