How Smart Banners™ Can Help Personalize Holiday Emails at Scale

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Did you know that 60% of consumers say they’ve purchased a product or service because of a marketing email? That number should get you sitting up and paying attention, especially as we approach the biggest holiday season of the year. 

So what can you do to help you see better conversion rates this holiday season? Focus on personalization. Sending personalized messages to your list can help you attract new customers, retain the ones you have, and re-engage those who have moved away from your brand. 

You may think that sort of personalization at scale is easier said than done. Well, if you have Smart Banners™, it’s easy. The Zembula platform lets you drag and drop your way to 1:1 levels of personalization at scale in every email you send. 

Here are a few ways you can use Smart Banners™ to personalize your messaging this holiday season.

Deals and promotions

Want to surprise and delight your list (or some of your best customers) with a special deal of the day or other limited-time promotion? Your Smart Banner™ can help ensure they get the message. 

Check out the example email above. The deal of the day Smart Banner™ is personalized to your customer, starting with their name. You can also use personalized customer location data to invite them to in-store events too, such as early shopping hours or special deals.

Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is very common during the holiday season, so you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to win back these customers. You’re probably already sending out these campaigns. But using Smart Banners™ for cart abandonment campaigns means your customer will get this banner at the top of every email you send. 

Plus, Smart Banners™ let you go beyond a conventional email — you have options. Entice your customers to take action by offering free shipping, loyalty rewards, and financing options, all just a click away from their email.

Inventory updates

We all know that supply chains have been a bit wonky the last few years, and that may end up causing you inventory problems, something you want to avoid during the holiday season. Rather than lose out on potential customers, you can re-engage them with Smart Banners™.

Tell them when a product they’ve previously browsed, added to their wish list or favorites, or left in their cart is back in stock or when inventory is running low. And you can personalize the banner to highlight the product using an animated image, product image, your customer’s name, and ratings or reviews.

Promote your loyalty program

You never want to forget about your most loyal customers, especially during the holiday season. So why not feature personalized messages for your loyalty members so they know how many points they have and how they can use them? 

For example, let your loyalty members use their current points to help make a purchase, set special shopping events where they get extra points, or offer deals where customers get bonus points for completing an abandoned cart purchase.

Shipping dates

Shipping is never more important than during the holiday season, so you want to give your readers and customers as much information as possible about shipping cut-off dates. Smart Banners™ are a perfect tool for keeping your customers updated on key dates to know.

Thrive Causemetics used these Smart Banners™ during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions last year. It helped keep their customers aware, improved their customer experience, and drove a 7% boost in revenue

Want a less hectic holiday season?

We can help. With the Zembula platform and Smart Banners™, you can avoid panic and instead have a chill busy season. Sound like a dream?

It doesn’t have to be. Learn some of our best tips on using Smart Banners™ in your holiday campaigns from our recent webinar: Avoid Holiday Email Panic in 2022: 5 Tips for a Chill Busy Season.

In it, we share some advice on streamlining your processes while driving engagement and boosting revenue. Click here to watch it today.

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