Email Personalization Defined

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You’re probably hearing more and more about the importance of personalizing your email outreach.

And it is indeed very important.

But what exactly is email personalization anyway?

Let’s start with what email personalization most definitely is not. To get a clear picture of that, think of the vast majority of emails you receive (and hopefully not the ones you’re sending). You know, the ones that are clearly sent to a list of people and that have no indication of including anything specific to you as an individual? Yeah, those ones.

Email personalization is not the norm. That’s great news because you have an opportunity to stand out. But email personalization is growing very rapidly. Which is why you need to act now, so you’re not left behind.

To put it simply, email personalization is sending a specific message to each individual user. It means treating everyone differently rather than the same. It means showing your customers that you understand their wants and needs and that you don’t think of them as a number.

But not all email personalization is created equal. Zembula can help you truly separate yourself from the competition, and it’s not hard to do.

More Than Just a Name

Most retailers think that addressing a customer by name in an email is email personalization. In reality, that’s just the beginning.

Deep personalization — the kind that actually converts — is what you should be after. And that includes more than just addressing your customer by name.

Dig into your data to understand your customers. Then give them tailored content that they crave. That’s where you’re going to set your brand apart.

You can take your email game to an entirely new level by including things like:

  • 1:1 Animation – You can harness your data to create slick animations for your emails. Zembula makes it easy to add personalized animations that engage.
  • Personalized Images – You can use your data to personalize the images you’re including in your emails. It’s still possible — with Zembula — even after Apple’s iOS 15 privacy policy.
  • Personalized Promotions – Don’t just make flash sales or product discounts generic. Make them specific to each customer.
  • Loyalty Status Reminders – Do you know what customers like? Working towards a reward. If you show them how close they are to their next benchmark, they will be inspired to earn more points.

Zembula Makes It Easy

Now that you know what you can do, you’re probably wondering how you actually do it. That’s where we come in. None of what’s outlined here is difficult to implement.

Zembula has proprietary solutions that make harnessing your data to much greater effect simple. All you need is the data that you likely already have.

From there, our solution allows you to easily create dynamic headers, body content, and footers that update live as your customer opens their email. They’re called Smart Banners™  and Smart Blocks™, and they’re exclusive to Zembula.

Are you ready to start sending better emails than your competitors? Let’s work together!

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