5 Unique Email Personalization Examples From Our Own Clients

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Every marketer knows email personalization is essential. Today’s consumers are over the boring, basic, and generic. If your messaging isn’t tailored to their interests, behaviors, and needs, then it’s that much more challenging to get traction. 

If your open, click, and conversion rates are down, a lack of hyper-personalization may be the answer. But if you’re stuck for inspiration, we’re here to help. 

We want to share some of our favorite and unique email personalization examples from some of our wonderful clients. That way, it’s easy to see personalization in action and the difference it makes for customers. 

Thrive Causemetics

We all know how crucial Black Friday and Cyber Monday are to eCommerce brands, so email personalization is key. If you’re not personalizing, your readers can (and will) move on to someone else’s brand. This past holiday season, Thrive Causemetics went all in on personalization.

They used personalized Black Friday and Cyber Monday Smart Banners™ on their promotion emails, including a banner highlighting shipping cut-off dates. These were not only informative for readers; they drove action. 

Thrive Causemetics has seen a 10-17% lift in revenue on promotional emails using Smart Banners™.

Hat Heaven

Hat Heaven sells some of the coolest hats on the market. As their eCommerce store expanded, the marketing team honed in on their loyalty program as a way to go above and beyond with personalization. 

Smart Banners™ make a big difference here. Using a personalized Smart Banner™, loyalty members can see items left in their cart and how they can use their current loyalty points to help pay for them.

It’s a great way to use personalized loyalty points in action and help encourage shoppers to buy. And with a Smart Banner™ like this, they’re only a click away from completing their transaction.

Bully Bunches

Personalized email isn’t the only place to reach consumers today. You also need to include SMS. Thankfully, with Zemubla, it’s easy for your SMS and email messaging to work hand in hand. Bully Bunches is a perfect example

Using a personalized Smart Banner™, they’re enticing readers to get on their SMS list by throwing in a little surprise and delight with a coupon to help drive action. Now, they can grow their SMS list and include personalized text messages in their marketing strategy. With Smart Banners™, they’ve seen an 8% increase in revenue and a 17% lift in conversions.

Smart Banners™ give you valuable real estate right at the top of every email you send to have personalized messages help boost engagement.

Makeup Cartel

Makeup Cartel uses six targeted personalized Smart Banners™ to help them catch subscribers’ attention and drive more revenue. One of our favorites is their birthday banner

It’s personalized, animated, and definitely eye-catching. But beyond that, it pulls in customer data to pick products they show shoppers will love. And they use a personalized discount code to save — a fantastic use of our name everywhere approach in action.

Including animated product images is a perfect way to ensure your reader’s eyes are drawn right to revenue-generating requests.

City Mattress

With an extended buying cycle, brands like City Mattress need to get creative with their email marketing. That’s where personalization and Smart Banners™ come into play. Abandoned browse and cart banners help, but another cool feature City Mattress uses is a referral banner. 

screenshot of smart banners used by city mattress in email marketing

Everyone wants to have a good night’s sleep. So City Mattress uses its referral program to help reward the customers who spread the word. 

It’s a great way to spread the positive word about the brand, benefit current customers, and continuously build a new referral engine for leads.

Add more email personalization with Zembula

If you want to see better results from your email marketing efforts, we’d love to help. With the Zembula platform, personalization at scale is easy. No more stopping and starting campaigns, adding manual updates, or tweaking code — we do all the heavy lifting for you.

That leaves you more time to analyze data, see what your subscribers crave, and develop great promotions and copy to boost your revenue. 

Interested? We’d love to show you. Get in touch and request a demo today.

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