Why Smart Banners™ Belong at the Top of Your Email

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Over half of email marketers struggle with raising click-through rates. Today, click-through rates across industries average between 2-8%, depending on the report. 

So how can you change these numbers and get more clicks? Smart Banners™. Personalized Smart Banners™ in your email marketing allows subscribers to click at the top of your emails. 

Here’s why it matters.

How Smart Banners™ help your emails stand out

Competition in the inbox today is fierce. The average person receives around 120 emails a day. To get opened, you must do a lot to stand out from the crowd — never mind getting a click.

Here’s where Smart Banners™ can give you a huge advantage. These dynamic banners sit at the top of every email you send, automatically displaying the same personalized messaging across desktops, mobile, and tablets. 

And with the top of emails being such valuable real estate, you don’t want to waste it on something that’s not calling attention or driving clicks. After thorough research in 2022, we found when our clients used Smart Banners™ to promote revenue-driving actions; they saw an increase in clicks and revenue. 

Smart Banners™ can help boost conversions and revenue

Across industries, from eCommerce-focused pet-brand like Bully Bunches and fashion brand Hat Heaven to makeup brands like Thrive Causemetics and Makeup Cartel, our wonderful clients have seen real success implementing a Smart Banner™ strategy.

Smart Banners™ give brands a 10-17% lift in revenue compared to stand-alone emails. That’s a significant boost, and you want to take advantage of it. 

makeup cartel Smart Banners™

Our client Makeup Cartel has a six Smart Banner™ strategy they’ve implemented that’s seen quite a bit of success with their readers. Five of the six banners are focused on revenue-generating messaging, while the sixth is for package tracking. 

These include:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Abandoned browse
  • Post-purchase recommendation
  • Loyalty points recommendation
  • Birthday recommendation

With this strategy, the focus on clicks is at the top of your email, the very first thing your readers see. So they don’t have to scroll to get these very important messages. And on mobile devices and tablets, where consumers click less the more they have to scroll, you can feel confident you’ll always have message visibility.

Each of these helps drive clicks and improve conversion rate and revenue. And what makes them really special? Personalization. 

Personalization in email is critical to success

You aren’t going to get far today without personalizing emails. That’s no longer an opinion. It’s a fact. Consumers want emails personalized to their interests and needs beyond the generic. 

Smart Banners™ make it easy to give that to them. These banners let you move beyond basic personalization and become hyper-personalized with performative personalization. Performative personalization uses data-driven customer insights to choose the best display messages that drive revenue-generating activities. 

So rather than sending a siloed abandoned cart message and hoping to re-engage with some of your shoppers, take it a step further. Also use a personalized abandoned cart Smart Banner™ to capture their attention and clicks. 

With the Zembula platform, you can start with an abandoned cart banner, then add:

  • Financing options 
  • The option to pay with loyalty points
  • Personalized discount codes
  • User-generated ratings and reviews
  • Rotating images and avatars
  • And more

Now, your email immediately stands out from the crowd. And since Smart Banners™ display on every email you send, you don’t need to worry subscribers will miss the message. You have multiple opportunities to get your call to action in front of shoppers. 

Smart Banners™ give you a whole new layer of personalization to add to your emails, assured to capture their eyes and attention — making it easier than ever to click. 

Learn more about Smart Banners™

Smart Banners™ are a game changer for email marketers, so you don’t want to miss out. If you’re curious how Zembula’s Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ can help your company, get in touch. 

We’d love to hear more about your brand and show you how Zembula can help you get more clicks and conversions from your current email marketing strategy. 

Click here to request a demo.

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