11 Of The Best Email Personalization Examples

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Personalization. If you’re in marketing, you most likely have heard this term at least once or twice. Chances are you’ve heard it much more than that, particularly in relation to email marketing! But what does it mean to personalize an email? And what does it look like in action? 

Personalization goes beyond passing through a first name, although that does count. But there are so many more opportunities for personalization that will reach your customers on an even deeper level, developing trust and loyalty.

Here are 11 examples of emails that crush personalization.

When it comes to personalization, it doesn’t get much more personal than reminding a shopper of something they intended to buy but didn’t. This email hits the nail on the head in several ways:

  • Tone of the email is conversational and familiar. Combined with first name passed-through, recipients feel like the company is speaking to them as an individual.
  • Complete details of what is in their cart remind the shopper why they wanted to purchase initially
  • Added product recommendations offer even more reason to return to the site to shop (Source)

Another example of cart abandonment, Virgin Atlantic also creates a compelling reason to complete the purchase.

  • Uses FOMO to create a sense of urgency by using terminology like “prices are likely to go up” and “avoid missing out”
  • The recipient’s complete flight details are provided, making it easy for them to refresh their memory about their travel plans. 
  • No effort is required on the recipient’s part to look up any information. They simply click the CTA and finish the purchase. (Source)

This engagement email from Strava is 100% personalized information. It takes the user’s activity data and uses that as an extremely effective motivator.

  • Active days displayed as a dotted progress bar motivates the user to keep pushing the progress further.
  • Total distance, time and elevation stats give the user something concrete to look at and feel accomplished
  • New PR accomplishments help pump the recipient up to achieve more. (Source)

This email from MileIQ makes it easy to track mileage numbers, which comes in handy for people who do a lot of driving for work. The service itself is very handy for anyone who needs to calculate mileage for reimbursement or tax reporting, and this complete report email makes it even easier to gather the correct information.

  • A complete report delivered means there is no need for a user to even log into the platform to get what they need for their reporting.
  • The cost analysis for deductible business miles gives the user a concrete number for how much they can deduct from their taxes. Often, an individual may choose not to even bother because they don’t have an idea of how much they are able to write off.
  • The summary at the bottom of the email that shows what is needed for tax reporting makes it incredibly clear. And we all know that taxes are confusing enough as they are. This feature no doubt makes a huge difference! (Source)

Another excellent reporting email is from Rescuetime, a time-management platform. The email is simple, offering a total number of hours logged, along with a synopsis of what was productive time and what was distracting. Nothing like a concrete number to show us how much time we lose being distracted! (Source)

A product review email is another way to engage the recipient on a personal level.

  • Giving the shopper a chance to review their purchase demonstrates that the sender cares about their feedback on the products they buy.
  • The shopper gets a chance to become the expert as they write a review to help other shoppers in their decision making processes.
  • Getting the recipient back on the website is a great way to get them to make yet another purchase! (Source)

Any social media marketer knows how important performance stats are, but often compiling these stats can be time consuming, and a pain. Youtube nails it by putting all of the useful stats in a single monthly email, giving the recipient a full view, in their inbox, of their channel’s performance. What’s more, they also provide a host of resources and ideas for improving engagement in the future. (Source)

It doesn’t get more personal than having AirBnB send you recommendations for what to eat, drink, do and see on a trip you planned.

  • Day by day breakdown makes planning the vacation activities super easy
  • Complete details of location, hours and also reviews take all of the guesswork out of figuring out what to do, and saves time researching
  • The entire email feels like the company actually cares about the recipient having a great vacation and is invested in their experience. (Source)

Investment companies should take note of this email from Coinbase. Data can be a powerful tool in getting a user engaged.

  • Providing the monthly stats on the performance of each type of cryptocurrency can help the recipient make decisions on investments right in their inbox
  • Coinbase could take it a step further and offer real-time updates on the statistics each time the user opens the email

Loyalty emails are another way of offering up personalized content. When we travel, we find it really useful to be able to check what our rewards statuses are without having to dig deep.

  • Seeing how many points a user is from their next status upgrade is a convincing way to get them to book their next stay
  • The additional offers below the loyalty status play on the desire that the user has to up their status, offering them a very easy way to upgrade and get additional point

Nordstrom and Hautelook know their stuff when it comes to loyalty points. Their Nordstrom Notes program is enticing as it is, and this email adds to the excitement.

  • The creative itself is fun and whimsical
  • The recipient’s interest is piqued with the CTA of “see it now”
  • The celebratory tone of the creative gets the user excited and inspired to shop more

Have you tried personalization in your emails, or would you like to give it a go? Zembula’s easy-to-use platform is a powerful tool that helps you create point of open personalization so that your emails are ALWAYS relevant and meaningful to your customers. Want to know more? Click here!

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