How to Improve Abandoned Cart Conversion with Smart Banners™

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You’re spending time and energy driving traffic to your website. But maybe the conversion rates aren’t there. What can you do? 

One place to start looking is at your abandoned cart rates. The industry average is about 70%. If you notice that you’re seeing much higher abandonment numbers and lower conversation rates, then you may have some opportunities to start turning those numbers around.

Smart Banners™ can help. They turn every email you send into a chance to win back some of your customers. Here’s how.

Why recovering customers matters

Just because your abandoned cart rate may be high, it doesn’t mean no one wants to buy from you. You’ve probably left a few carts yourself at some point. Sometimes, things come up — a call or important email, the kids needed something, the dog was barking — and you don’t realize you never completed the purchase until later. 

That’s one reason why abandoned cart campaigns can be a powerful tool for conversions. Industry statistics show about 45% of abandoned cart emails get opened. Another 21% of consumers will click through to your site, and almost 11% will complete the purchase. Those numbers make a strong case for the importance of these emails. 

Here’s where Smart Banners™ let you take things a step further. Imagine if instead of relying on a 2-3 email abandoned cart campaign to win back customers, you could do it with every email?

How Smart Banners™ help abandoned cart conversions

If your customer has left items in their cart, Zembula’s Decision Engine automatically serves up a corresponding Smart Banner™ related to their cart. That’s the power of using customer data. With a few snippets of code and data sources, your customers will get the best performing Smart Banner™ that meets their needs. 

So what if they don’t have anything in their cart? No problem. Smart Banners™ collapse down to a small invisible pixel if there’s nothing you want to share with that particular customer.

But, back to those abandoned carts. When customers leave items in their cart, they will see an email with a Smart Banner™ that highlights what they’ve left behind. 

The Smart Banner™ is customizable. You can add animation, images of the items left in the cart, a countdown timer, a discount, and an inventory update. Plus, Smart Banners™ have a built-in call to action. Those features allow you to do a lot in a small piece of real estate at the top of every email. In addition, these banners encourage engagement and help drive action, making it easy for your customer to click through and complete their purchase. 

Abandoned cart Smart Banners™ in action

Curious about how it’s possible to tap into Smart Banners™? Here are some of our favorite examples for personalized abandoned cart notifications to win back customers


A lot of good stuff is going on with this Smart Banner™. First, you can catch the eye with an animated bouncing shopping cart and name personalization. But maybe, more importantly, this banner highlights using an incentive to help drive action. The customer who clicks through will get 25% off their purchase.

smart banner example

This Smart Banner™ has a couple of personalized areas to capture your customer’s attention. Add their name and an image of the item that they left behind. It provides a clear reminder of what’s in the cart.

cart browse abandonment

Here’s another unique example. With this Smart Banner™, there’s a picture of the item and name personalization. But where it stands out is having customer reviews of the product in the banner. And since customers are more likely to trust reviews from other customers, it’s another way to help drive action.

Ready to get started with Smart Banners™?

We’d love to help. Get in touch today to schedule a demo, and we can show you exactly how you can start incorporating abandoned cart Smart Banners™ into your email campaigns. 

If you want to lower your abandoned cart conversion rate, win back shoppers, and create a more personalized experience for your customers, you can’t beat the power of Smart Banners™.

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