6 Email Personalization Strategies That Go Beyond a Name

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Email personalization can go well beyond just addressing your customers by name. Deep personalization, enhanced personalization – that’s what you should really be after.

Dig into your data to understand your customers. Then give them tailored content that they crave. That’s where you’re going to set your brand apart from the competition. Using just a name is almost passe at this point.

So, how do you do it? How do you get so good at personalization that your customers think of you as their BFF?

Here are six personalization strategies that go beyond a name:

Add Life to Your Emails With 1:1 Animation

You can harness your data to create slick animations for your emails. Zembula makes it easy to add personalized animations that engage.  You can create things like a countdown timer or a pulsing name.

Personalized animation has the power to add a 30% CTR lift and increase in revenue by 109%!

With Zembula’s content builder, all you have to do is connect any data source and easily drop your content into your email template. From there, you control that content from the platform.

Grab Attention by Making Your Emails Kinetic

Your emails can be scrollable, clickable, scratchable, or spinnable. In other words, more engaging. And all of it can be personalized.

So instead of just sending a customer product information that you know they may like, make the image kinetic by having it change when the customer clicks on it or hovers their mouse over it.

Outdoor company carousel

And while you’re at it, personalize the cool content you’re including. Again, use your data to identify what that individual craves. Then hit them with the appropriate messaging, but up your game by making the content kinetic.

Location-based information

Marketing is more hyper-local than ever. And one way to deliver that level of personalization to your customers is to tap into their location data.

You can use that to offer deals at their nearest stores, invite readers or VIPs to local events, and alert them to curbside pickup. Plus, when you have location information, you can send targeted emails based on weather data.

It’s another way that Zembula brings you the ability to create email experiences your customers might not see anywhere else.

Personalized Images

You can use your data to personalize the images you’re including in your emails. It’s still possible – and easy – with Zembula, even after 2021’s Apple iOS 15 privacy policy updates.

promotional email

You can use multiple sources like loyalty information, offer data, or your CRM. After you build a pool of personalized images, you can group them and set rules for display. Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine will automatically choose the best content for each individual. It’s almost like magic how simple – and powerful – this tool can be.

Personalize Your Promotions

Don’t just make flash sales or product discounts generic. Make them specific to each customer. Send them a promotion about something that your data suggests they may like.

Browse Abandonment

Customers especially dig user-generated content like ratings and reviews. Don’t just give the same thing to everybody. Make them personal!

Remind Them of Their Loyalty Status

You know what customers like? Working towards a reward. If you show them how close they are to their next benchmark, guess what they’re more likely to do? Try to earn more points. Bingo!

One of the coolest ways to personalize your emails is to include loyalty points specific to that individual user. You can even make them kinetic – like a pulsing name and number – if you really want to stand out.

Zembula Makes It All So Easy

Zembula is all about making it simple for you to send better emails than your competitors. None of what’s outlined here is hard to implement. And all of it is proven effective.

Sure, call your customer by name. Of course, you should be doing that. But aren’t you ready to go beyond personalization 101? Move the needle by making your emails deeply personalized.

Learn more with a Zembula product tour.

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