How Smart Banners™ Can Help Marketers Drive More Engagement

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You want your brand to stand out. You want better engagement, more clicks, and conversions. And most importantly, you want happy customers who trust your brand and want to shop from you again and again.

But in an increasingly competitive market, with more email saturation, and customers getting tired of endless messages in their inbox, it’s harder than ever to stand out in a positive way. 

How can you reach your customers with personalized messages and content that boosts engagement and drives action? 

It’s called a Smart Banner™.

How Smart Banners™ can help you stand out

When activated, Smart Banners™ sit at the top of your emails; it makes displaying a personalized message easy

zembula dynamic decision engine smart banners

All you need to do is use a snippet of code to hook up your data sources (like your CRM, eCommerce, and loyalty program tools). Then, Zembula’s Dynamic Decision Engine will determine the best banner for your customers within a fraction of a second. 

When they open their emails, your customer will see a personalized banner including abandoned cart notifications, shipping updates, opportunities to redeem loyalty points, flash sale alerts, and more. And if there’s no need to display a Smart Banner™ to a particular customer, it will automatically collapse to an invisible pixel.

Smart Banners™ work whether you’re solely an eCommerce shop or if you have an online store and retail brick-and-mortar shops as well. Using customer data like location information, you can create Smart Banners™ that drive customer foot traffic to your store for shopping, special events, or curbside pick-up for items they’ve bought.

Want to see a few creative ways to use Smart Banners™ in action? Here are some of our favorites.

How to drive more engagement with Smart Banners™

Smart Banners™ help customers take action because when they open their email, they see messaging that’s hyper-personalized to them. 

That helps your customer see that you’re creating personalized messaging and delivering what they’re interested in — you’re not sending them the same tired message over and over again. Message variability helps make them more likely to click.

Product updates

browse abandonment smart banner ecommerce
stock update banner

Use Smart Banners™ to give customers updates about products they’re interested in based on their buying and browsing history. While Smart Banners™ are great for abandoned cart notifications, they can go way beyond these updates.

Banners can alert customers about pricing changes, like when a product they’ve browsed has gone on sale. Or you can use them to let customers know when an item they had their eye on is back in stock. 

Loyalty information

Smart Banner Loyalty star banner
Loyalty Status Banner

Smart Banners™ can do a ton to boost your loyalty program. Start with the basics, use a banner to ask your readers to sign up. 

From there, you can use banners to provide monthly points updates, let them know when they can redeem points for goods, or give them a special offer like 2x points during a weekend sale.

User-generated content

trending now banner

Because Smart Banners™ can be customized, you can also use them to add in other customers’ ratings and reviews for products. For example, add a star rating and a customer review for abandoned or browsed items.

Since we know how much user-generated content helps drive buying actions, having these highlighted front and center can help encourage action.

Reminders and updates

reminder and alert smart banners example

Customers love it when brands treat them like a person and not just a number. Smart Banner™ reminders help you stay top of mind with your customer by giving them personalized updates and reminders.

Let your customer know when it’s time to replenish an item they’ve bought. Or, give them a gentle nudge that a sale is coming to an end. And, if you track birthday or anniversary dates, use a Smart Banner™ to give them a special treat.

You can do so much more with Smart Banners™

At the end of the day, it’s about helping your customers take action. You want them to click and convert on your email messages, and Smart Banners™ help you do that.

If you want to learn more, get in touch and set up a demo today.

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