5 Ways Retailers Can Use Personalized Smart Banners™

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For retailers, email is one of the best ways there is to build solid and lasting relationships with your customers. If there’s one advantage retailers have over eCommerce-only brands, it’s that there’s still a way to interact and engage with consumers in person. 

Part of why so many retailers are looking at omnichannel marketing is that they want the in-store experience to carry to online interactions. Email is a massive part of that. With your email marketing strategy, your brand can help educate consumers, encourage them to shop online and drive foot traffic back to your store.

Smart Banners™ is one way to help. These personalized banners can drive eyes and engagement back to what matters. The key is using these in the right way. 

Here are a few examples. 

Loyalty program sign-ups

A lot of retailers encourage customers to sign up for a loyalty program. Some do it as part of the checkout process in-store, while others use a welcome campaign to promote sign-ups. 

Loyalty Status Banner

Smart Banners™ can help here too. Use your banner to encourage customers to become a part of your program. And, because Smart Banners™ are easy to personalize, it takes seconds to add a bonus for joining right along with a call to action.

Loyalty program updates

Now that you’ve got people signing up for your loyalty program, keep engaging with them. Customers get frustrated when they take the time to become part of a loyalty or membership program, and then it’s crickets. That’s not a great way to build customer appreciation or trust.


Avoid that with Smart Banners™. It’s easy to create personalized banners that remind your customers about their points total, when they can cash in their rewards, and other potential benefits or upgrades.


When people are more aware of where they stand in your loyalty program, it will make them much more likely to shop. They don’t have to spend time tracking down their points totals; they can get to buying.

Product stock updates

We all know shipping and inventory tracking has been a bit of a challenge this past year — to say the least. So, imagine the frustration for your customers. Some may be waiting months for a product they want to come back in stock. 

stock update banner

Your Smart Banner™ can let customers know when an item on their wish list or they’ve browsed in the past is back in stock. Now, couple that with an email that pulls in location data via a Smart Block™ and you can add even more personalization.

Suddenly your email is super personalized. Your customer will see the item is in stock and show the local stores that have it. 

Sales and promotions

Smart Banners™ are some of the best tools out there for helping promote your sales and promotions both online and in-store. Since Smart Banners™ can appear at the top of any email you send, it’s an easy way to always ensure your customers see your promotions. 

With a Smart Banner™, you don’t have to worry if your customers don’t open an email, they’ll miss the sale. So, it’s a good way to help boost your engagement and build some buzz around your sales and promotions. 

Plus, if you have something coming up, such as an anniversary sale or loyalty member-only event, you can add a countdown timer to the Smart Banner™. That helps build a little bit of FOMO. 

Transactional information

Typically, the emails consumers open most often are transactional ones — shipping updates, receipts, and some other triggered emails. Smart Banners™ make it easy to take this information and add it to any email, especially package tracking.

promotional email

Now, instead of having to search through a bunch of emails to try and find that tracking number, it’s sitting right there in a personalized Smart Banner™. You can even offer in-store pick-up to help promote more foot traffic.

Realize the potential of email

Retailers have to compete on a lot of fronts today. But having an email strategy can make a difference. Smart Banners™ are just another tool that can help your brand stand out from the competition.

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