4 Ways Smart Banners™ Can Convert More Abandoned Carts

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The standard approach to converting abandoned carts has been around for a while. Send a three email series with the right timing, and hope you manage to snag a few of those customers. 

For the most part, that approach works. Brands that send out abandoned cart emails can typically hope to win back a small percentage of their customers. 

Those are respectable numbers. But what if you could do even better? Smart Banners™ allow you to improve upon your traditional abandoned cart campaign by expanding your reach, adding personalization, and boosting conversion. 

Expand your reach

With dedicated abandoned cart messaging, you have only a handful of tries to capture your customer’s attention. If you don’t get a conversion during that time, you might lose them for good. 

Smart Banners™, on the other hand, let you expand your reach to any email you send. For example, check out the banner above. You can add that to a promotional email, a loyalty email, an order confirmation email, plus many more options.

Instead of hoping your customer clicks and converts on one of your dedicated emails, you have the opportunity to reach them for weeks, if not months, down the line.

Personalize your messaging

Smart Banners™ also give you a big leg up when it comes to personalizing your emails, which today’s consumers want. Rather than sending a text-only, generic message about a cart item, a Smart Banner™ lets you add key personalization information:

smart banner close

Now you can include your customer’s name, image personalization, star ratings and customer reviews, price notifications, discounts, and more. And, every Smart Banner™ includes a call to action, making it very easy to click to convert.

Personalizing your Smart Banners™ also makes your emails more engaging. They grab your customers’ attention, which you need in an increasingly crowded inbox.

Connect with your loyalty members

Are you ignoring some of your best customers? Building a successful loyalty program is a key win for many brands. So it’s something you want to make sure you focus on if you have a program in place (or are starting one up) to get more conversions.

One cool feature of Smart Banners™ is you can use them to send different versions of the same message to people depending on your data. So, for example, if you’re trying to build your program, offer points for customers who aren’t yet members when they complete their purchase. 

Or, highlight how your current members can use their points for discounts for converting the items in their cart. Rather than segmenting and sending multiple emails, you can send the same email with different banners.

Feature ratings and reviews

We know the data around ratings and reviews. It shows that consumers trust brands that show ratings, reviews, and testimonials from other customers. So why not include those in your abandoned cart messaging and use them to help convert?

With Smart Banners™, you can. If you have a product with excellent star ratings or reviews from your other happy customers, use them in your abandoned cart banner messaging. It’s easy to do by adding banners to your abandoned cart emails.

It helps educate your customers and provides some positive social proof, which in turn, can help convince some of your customers to complete the purchase. 

Turn to Smart Banners™ to help convert abandoned carts

If you want to get even more out of your abanded cart messaging strategy, you should consider adding Smart Banners™ to the mix. We’ve seen our customers with a 10% to 17% lift in revenue per email send using Smart Banners™

If you want to learn more about how Smart Banners™ can work for your brand, check out our latest guide: The 2022 Email Marketer’s Guide To: Smart Banners™. In it, you’ll learn how to make the most of these banners and how to increase revenue on every email you send. 

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