How Smart Banners™ Can Help Drive Your Personalization Strategy

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We all know personalization is a key factor to email success today. But, many brands still aren’t using it effectively. 

But, when done correctly, personalization can be a core driver of revenue. And that’s especially true for your lifestyle and triggered email campaigns like cart abandonment, loyalty updates, and package tracking. 

So how can you make the most of personalization in email? Smart Banners™ can help make a huge difference. Here’s how.

Add personalization to every email 

Personalization at scale is hard once you go beyond a few hundred customers. And once your customers feel that you’re not speaking to them personally anymore, your engagement can suffer, resulting in a lack of clicks and conversions.

That puts marketers in a bind because all the data shows more consumers demand personalization in their conversations with brands. Smart Banners™ can help close the gap. Smart Banners™ sit at the top of every email and display personalized content for your customers. So they can see package delivery updates, loyalty points notifications, abandoned shopping cart reminders, and more. 

Browse Abandonment

Smart Banners™ let you add personalization to every single email you send, from monthly newsletters to promotional updates, sale announcements and triggered transactional emails. Plus, when you incorporate these banners into your personalization strategy, you can take your best-performing emails and expand their message visibility. You can’t beat that level of personalization. 

Tap into unrealized potential

Our data has shown that triggered emails represent your most significant opportunity for getting more revenue. While these emails typically are about 10% of your total email send, they are often untapped sources for boosting engagement and driving action. 

Adding more personalization can play a big role in turning these emails into revenue drivers, and Smart Banners™ can help. Adding Smart Banners™ to your emails will help you get more visibility and longevity to your messaging, which helps lift conversion rates and boost revenue.

And the best part? You don’t have to spend months segmenting your list and running dozens of A/B tests to see how it works. Instead, Zembula’s Decision Campaign Engine pulls in your customer data and sends them the banner that will catch their eye and drive action. 

smart banner decision engine

Your customers will get the banner that mattes to them, helping them feel like you’re communicating with them on a 1:1 level. And that decision is made at the moment-of-open (or pre-open).

Speak to customers on a 1:1 basis

Customers today are tired of being spoken at; they want communication between them and brands to be a two-way street. It benefits your brand, too. Because the more you can learn about your customers, the easier it is to generate personalized content and messaging that speaks directly to their interests and needs.

Smart Banners™ let you speak to your customers as if it’s just you and them while also allowing your brand to do that with thousands of people. With a Smart Banner™, personalization is built in. You don’t need to do anything beyond hook up your data sources and add a few snippets of code. From there, you’re ready to start connecting with your customers on an entirely new level.

reminder and alert smart banners example

That can help your customers feel like they matter to you, build trust, and boost their confidence in your brand, translating into more clicks and revenue. And for brands, you can feel confident your messages are getting seen, and you’re standing out from the competition.  

Want to learn more?

If you’ve been struggling with ways to add more personalization to your emails, we can help. Get in touch today and schedule a demo

With it, you’ll learn how simple Zembula makes it to tackle personalization at scale. Using Smart Banners™, your messages will get more visibility, and you’ll be better able to connect with your customers. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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