Solve Boring Messaging With Smart Banners™

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Do you open every email you get from brands? Probably not. There are plenty of reasons why. You’re busy. Or you don’t need to buy anything right now. And maybe, you’ve moved on to a competitor.

And then maybe there’s the biggest reason of all…the messages are boring. We have limited time and attention today. Life, work, family, sports, entertainment it’s all there, trying to compete for an increasingly smaller slice of the attention pie. 

So if you know something won’t get your attention from the start or just feels like the same tired and dull old messages, you’re going to skip it and move on to the things that do. 

Now, multiply your experience by billions of consumers out there feeling the same thing. Is it any wonder open rates are down, and marketers struggle to find a message that moves the needle?

How do you fix it?

Capture attention with personalization

There are a few ways to get a customer’s attention today, but one is through personalization. And the more personalization you can offer in your emails, the better. 

Where a personalized subject line and name greeting may have been enough a few years ago, that barely does anything today. Now, you need to take it much further — personalized image animation, product recommendations, and messaging all matter more than ever. 

coverting email to Smart Banners™

So does message relevancy. Sending the same promotional email to everyone on your list isn’t going to generate the engagement it used to. People don’t bother to click when they see the same repetitive irrelevant messages repeatedly. And eventually, they’ll stop opening it.

But, taking that email and adding personalized messaging and relevant information to it can be a game-changer, driving action.

How to add more message personalization

Ok, you know you need to level up your email personalization, so how can you do it? And more importantly, how is it possible to do it at scale without spending hours going through your email list?

Smart Banners™ is where you need to start. These banners deliver personalized information and key messaging to your customers that tie directly to their needs and interests based on your selected data parameters. 

Smart Banner Loyalty star banner

Suppose you want to target your loyalty members and boost engagement. Rather than risk getting your specific loyalty campaign messages lost in the shuffle, Smart Banners™ ensure they’ll see it regardless of the email they open.

That means you get more message visibility for special loyalty deals or reminders to cash in their points.

zembula dynamic decision engine smart banners

And, Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine will send those messages automatically if the recipient isn’t a loyalty member, no problem. In that case, they’ll either get another Smart Banner™ that ties into the data that matters to them, such as a shipping notification, or the Smart Banner™ collapses to an invisible pixel. 

That means you don’t need to spend countless hours segmenting your lists and testing a million different messages. You can focus on the stuff that matters, not playing around with code.

Blast through the boring

Another benefit of Smart Banners™ is you can choose from a large message pool to add variety and relevancy to your emails. 

Thrive Causemetics is one example. They worked with Zembula to create a strategy that used a message pool of six Smart Banners™, helping to ensure their customers wouldn’t get hit with the same content all the time. 

thrive email with smart banner

The results? They saw revenue lift by 10-17% in the promotional emails that used the banners. 

You can do the same for your emails. Some of the Smart Banner™ options you can choose from include:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Abandoned browse
  • Flash sales
  • Shipping tracking
  • Loyalty updates
  • Welcome series
  • Inventory updates
  • Transactional notifications
  • Birthday and anniversary
  • Product reminders
  • Product recommendations
  • And so on

With that mix, you’re never going to need to worry that your emails aren’t sharing anything interesting or personalized. Instead, every email you send is going to catch the eye of your customer.

Ready to learn more?

Want to learn more about Smart Banners™? Check out our Email Marketer’s Guide to Smart Banners™ to learn how you can unlock the potential of your email. 

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