How Browse Abandonment Messages Can Help Your Brand

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You may have a secret weapon waiting in your data to help re-engage your customers. But are you using it?

With browse abandonment messages, you’re letting customers know via email or SMS that they should come back to your site and consider buying the item they were viewing. 

These messages can be as powerful as abandoned cart emails and texts, and your brand can see a big boost in revenue if you start incorporating them into the mix.

What is browse abandonment?

A browse abandonment message is an email or notification sent to a visitor after they view a product or category page on your site and then leave without buying anything. 

There’s no doubt you know about cart abandonment messages, which work similarly. They are both triggered emails based on consumer behavior. However, with a browse abandonment email, you don’t need to wait until something is put in a cart to send a message. 

Browse abandonment emails are a great way to put customer tracking data to good use. When you know the products they are viewing and potentially interested in, it’s a lot easier to send targeted personalized emails that try to drive re-engagement.

The data behind browse abandonment

A few years ago, SEMRush did a study that found only about 1-2% of customers who visit your page buy. That ties in with the idea that abandoned cart rates are around 70%.

The reality is the vast majority of people visiting your site are going to leave before they even consider buying. But, if you can catch the attention of the 20-40% who stick around and browse pages and products to come back and buy, you have an opportunity to add to your revenue. 

Some industries are also more likely to have higher browse rates than others. Travel is one. Think about your shopping behavior when planning a trip. You don’t go to the first site and buy; usually, it’s about reviewing prices and seeing what’s out there before you buy.

But, it turns out that as with other types of triggered emails, browse abandonment notifications often have higher open, click, and conversion rates than sales emails or newsletters. Of course, you can also see the same numbers with abandoned cart emails.

So if you’re already running a cart abandonment campaign, it makes sense to incorporate abandoned browse messaging into your email and SMS strategy too.

Examples of abandoned browse messages 

What do these types of messages look like in action? Check out a few of these examples. 

For companies with long sales cycles, such as mattress retailers, an abandoned browse Smart Banner™ can help customers keep you top of mind without pressuring them to buy before they’re ready.

Learn how City Mattress used Smart Banners™ to help boost its revenue.

Couple your browse abandonment Smart Banner™ with loyalty memberships and let your program members know they can use their points to help pay for their purchases.

browse abandonment smart banner ecommerce

Use your abandoned browse Smart Banners™ to update customers on inventory too. It’s a great way to remind them if something they liked is going out of stock and helps build a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Customers love seeing what other buys have to say about your products. You can’t replace that level of trust in their peer group — so use it in your messages. Smart Banners™ let you add customer ratings and reviews into the mix.

Sweeten the pot to drive more action. For example, use an abanded browse Smart Banner™ to give potential customers a limited-time discount or free shipping if they act now.


Don’t forget about adding SMS into the mix too. Nearly all consumers open and view text messages within just a few minutes of receiving them. So it’s the perfect tool for reaching customers with personalized messages through different channels to extend message visibility.

Learn more about Smart Banners™

Incorporating Smart Banners™ into your email marketing strategy will enable you to send personalized cart and browse abandonment emails at scale more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

To learn more about Zembula’s Smart Banners™ get in touch. One of our email experts will set you up with a demo to get started. 

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