12 Tools That Every Small Business Should Know About

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Have you ever tried to research a new tool to help your small business? Three hours later you come up for air and are still overwhelmed by all the options out there.

As the technology landscape has changed, there are now more tools than ever. And that’s where it can get really confusing.

Is it any wonder you’re probably finding it hard to pick the right small business tools!

In this post, we’re here to help. We’ve got a list of 11 tools that we think every small business owner should know and love across a variety of needs.

Let’s dig in.

1. G Suite

With Google’s G Suite, you’ve got a bunch of great tools right at your fingertips. Docs for creating content, Hangouts for hosting group calls, and Drive for keeping everything in one place. This can help build the foundation of your business.


2. Zembula

Small businesses are always looking for easy ways to grow their business. Capturing more emails to nurture should be part of that process. Zembula helps small businesses capture up to 22x the emails on your own site. How do they do this? Interactive content! Interactive content historically has been reserved for enterprise businesses with the money and time to create complex campaigns that aren’t easily repeatable. But Zembula makes interactive content available to all with an easy templated approach.

3. Buffer

Social media is a great way to attract potential customers and network across your industry. But a lot of small business owners don’t have the time to manage social media in addition to everything else. Buffer is the perfect tool to help you handle automated posting leaving you free to chime in when the time is right.


4. Pixabay

You’ll need a few images for your social media and content. Look no further than Pixabay. It aggregates free stock images (and no not those cheesy ones) from all over the internet in one place for free. Combine Pixabay with some of our favorite design tools, and you’ll be creating killer images in no time.


5. LastPass

Security is a big deal, so protect your passwords with LastPass. LastPass is also an excellent tool for small business owners. It manages all of your passwords in one place. And it allows you to share logins with employees without actually giving them specific passwords.


6. Zapier

Want an easy way to connect and automate the business apps you already have? Check out Zapier. Using their ‘zaps,’ you can set up systems that automatically post your latest article to Buffer, for example. It connects thousands of the most popular small business tools out there.


7. Process Street

One thing that can get off track at a small business is maintaining the same workflows over and over. Process Street is a simple tool that takes your processes, everything from new employee onboarding to creating blog posts, and creates checklists that are assigned to employees.

process street

8. Asana

Even with small businesses, project management can get complicated as more tasks and people are added to the team. Using a tool like Asana can streamline project management. Each new client can have their own project with team members assigned for tasks. It’s no wonder its one of our favorite productivity tools.


9. Boomerang

Email is such a vital tool that we’ve become dependent on our inboxes. But the more they fill up, the harder it can be to keep track of everything going on in there. Boomerang can help you track important emails, set a schedule to send out emails, and manage your inbox.


10. Calendly

Ask anyone who has to schedule a lot of meetings how frustrating it can be. A million emails back and forth and then add in time zones and forget it. Calendly is a sleek and easy to use calendar tool that makes booking meetings quick and easy.


11. Zenefits

Even for the smallest of small businesses, HR tasks can be challenging. Zenefits is a tool that has set out to make HR, including payroll and benefits easy. It features a set monthly fee and then a per employee pricing system that will help you track everything from days off to ACA compliance in one place.


12. PandaDoc

Stop getting bogged down creating proposals and sales docs from scratch. Instead, check out PandaDoc. It helps businesses, both large and small, create, send, and track documents in one easy interface. Use it to create invoices or statements of work. It has eSign capabilities too.


Ready to Start?

These are just a few of our favorite small business tools. Use these to get your organization streamlined and have more time for the fun stuff like working with clients and closing deals.

And want to get into interactive marketing content? We’ve got a perfect tool for that.